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Best Ways to Stay Active While Traveling

Best Ways to Stay Active While Traveling

Most people restrain from working out while traveling because physical activity is nothing more than a waste of energy. However, if you have set your sights on an active lifestyle, your travels should inhibit staying active. It is not about denying yourself the right diet, sport and body exercise but combining them with your travel plans. If you play it smart, you can stay active on a business trip, city-break tour or the entire length of the summer holiday.

Working with what you’ve got

Since gyms and track and fields might not be available at the place where you’re staying at, you will have to improvise. For instance, you can use water bottles as an excellent substitution for dumbbells. Buy a bottle of a size and shape that best fit your hand and fill it up to the desired amount. For those people that like to do dips, even a hotel room can serve as a provisional gym.

Grab two chairs and place them a meter apart so that the backrests face each other. This way, you have created your very own dips “machine” that can be disassembled in a matter of seconds. In general, being creative and resourceful means that you won’t have to pack sports gear on your travels, decreasing the weight of youth luggage. You’ll be thankful for this the next time the airline doesn’t charge you for extra kilos of luggage.

Exploring on foot

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will always have enough free time to explore the city or the beach resort you are staying at. Most tourists are tempted to take a sightseeing tour or a coach or to rent a car but walking tours offer the most excitement. If the weather is nice, there is no reason to enter a car or a bus, as a long stroll with plenty of breaks is excellent cardio. If you deem that the place is too big or the sights are too far apart, then you could rent a bike to speed things up, literally. In any case, try to perceive sightseeing or going to a meeting as an ideal opportunity to exercise the lower body parts, if nothing else.

Trying out new sports

If you’re a sports enthusiast but you are traveling to the part of the world that practices weird sports, don’t be discouraged. If you like football but in your destination everybody play and watch basketball, then you simply adjust your “sporting sense.” Physical activity I still physical activity whether you dance, swim, or play table tennis. Think of your travels as an opportunity to pick up new sports and related hobbies. If you learn how to play golf, for instance, you can check out Hombre Golf Club to find best golf courses in the world. Who knows, you might start traveling for recreational purposes in the future.

Joining the locals

Have you ever watched those shows on history and travel channels where travelers compete with the locals in some far-flung African village? Well, you might do the same, even if you travel to a more civilized part of the world like Europe. Basically, do some research on how the local population exercises and simple join them. In Russia and Ukraine, street workout had become immensely popular and anyone is welcome to their workout sessions in public parks. In other places gyms are the conventional meeting points of people who wish to stay active. By joining the locals, you are not only working out while away from home but you are in the business of making new friendships and sharing workout experiences and skills.

Avoiding sitting down for long periods

One of the biggest obstacles to an active approach to traveling are the long periods you spend sitting in a car or on a bus/plane. Not only are these scenarios unavoidable but grow mentally weak after a long period of physical inactivity. Add the fact that you eat junk food on the go and you’ve for the recipe for a trip that will shatter your stamina levels.

However, mindfulness and refusing to accept sitting an absolute must can get you far. If you are driving to your destination, make frequents stop to stretch your legs. This piece of advice is especially important if you’re a professional driver behind the wheel of a lorry. Furthermore, you are required to be seated on an airplane only during liftoffs and landings. Once the plane reaches its cruising altitude, go to the toilet to get up if nothing else. Finally, most trains have a gallery car that you can walk to get a drink or grab a bite to eat.

If you assume a proactive approach to traveling, you will soon realize that you can travel and stay fit at the same time. All it takes is some good will and sticking to the advice we gave you above. After a while, you’ll figure out on your own new methods of staying active while traveling.

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