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Want to start an online rental business

Want to start an online rental business

Want to start an online rental business? At that point, you would require an app like Airbnb clone script dependent on your necessity. There are different Airbnb clone script available in the market but finding the best one is tricky. Airbnb clone script is the best online rental scripts created by AIS Technolabs utilizing laravel framework script and with advanced applications. 

What is Airbnb? 

Before pondering how to build a site like Airbnb, we should discover how this marketplace began. 

Brian Chesky and his accomplice Joe Gebbia thought of the thought for Airbnb when they couldn’t bear to pay their lease. They chose to change their lounge room into an informal lodging – with a pleasant handcrafted breakfast – for three guests. They collected some money along these lines; at that point, they began searching for investors to support their startup. 

Today, Airbnb describes itself as a shared marketplace. But mostly, Airbnb is only an accommodation-letting service. It gives similar essential usefulness as any booking site, but with one significant difference. While most booking destinations total ideas for lodging and motel rooms, Airbnb associates individuals who are searching for accommodation with individuals who need to acquire some money by letting their own private living spaces. 

Airbnb has two kinds of clients: travelers (or guests) and hosts. Gracious, and administrators, who guarantee that all interactions between guests and hosts go smoothly. 

Presently it’s an excellent opportunity to discuss how to make an online marketplace like Airbnb. We should characterize the primary usefulness of a site like Airbnb. 

What are the central features of an Airbnb-like marketplace? 


The two travelers and hosts must join and give their names and email deliver to begin utilizing the platform. A web-based life login feature is required for a site like Airbnb since clients like to use quick login using their Google or Facebook accounts as opposed to rounding out long signup structures. 

Host listings page 

This page allows hosts to deal with their listings effectively. With looking and arranging, hosts can refresh information over numerous listings without a moment’s delay. 

Accommodation search 

This feature allows travelers to pick accommodation with advantageous inquiry usefulness, instinctive sifting, and simple cards. 


This feature gives a quick guide that allows travelers to look for goals, which adds to the site’s convenience. 

Accommodation see 

This page furnishes travelers with a nitty-gritty description of the accommodation and various pictures to give them a chance to see the space from different points with all subtleties. 


An installment entryway handles all exchanges between travelers and hosts. This feature allows travelers to pay for rentals utilizing credit/charge cards or PayPal and will enable hosts to pull back their money effortlessly. 


Airbnb has its very own messaging framework. This feature allows clients to talk about all subtleties of bookings legitimately in the marketplace. To maintain a strategic distance from dealings as an afterthought, Airbnb has thought of components that approve information like telephone numbers and connections so clients can’t trade their contact information. 

Clients’ surveys and appraisals 

Surveys and appraisals let travelers express their perspectives on spaces, enabling different travelers to be sure about the nature of their accommodation. 

the most effective method to construct a site like Airbnb 

Technology Used to Create MVP  

As we probably are aware, choosing the correct innovation stack is extremely important. An innovation stack influences your spending limit but likewise has any effect as far as adaptability and advancement. As we recently referenced, the current Airbnb site utilizes very amazing technologies and a large number of devices. But remember that for your MVP, you may require another pile of technologies. These are a portion of the choices we would offer for the innovation stack for an MVP rendition of a site like Airbnb: 

Programming languages — Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 

Application Framework — Ruby on Rails 

JavaScript Framework — React.js 

Computerization Frameworks — RSpec, Capybara, PhantomJS 

SQL information stockpiling — PostgreSQL 

Key-esteem stockpiling — Redis 

Web server — Nginx 

Web application server — Puma 

Hosting — Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

This innovation stack is a decent decision for an MVP just as for the further improvement of your item. Remember that, while Airbnb utilizes numerous technologies, regardless, they’re running on the Ruby on Rails framework. Rails can assist you with building your item MVP rapidly and affordably, but it can likewise make your item secure, quick, and scalable. 

How do sites like Airbnb profit? 

Since we’ve decided on the center features, it’s essential to make sense of how to create revenue from a rental marketplace like Airbnb. 

Airbnb is doing so well principally because of its versatile revenue models. How about we consider different approaches to adapt a site like Airbnb: 

Host сommission. Airbnb charges have a level 10 percent commission for each booking through the platform. 

Exchange fees. Hosts are likewise charged a 3 percent expense to cover the preparing of payments on Airbnb. 

Service fees. Airbnb charges travelers with a service expense of between 5 and 15 percent of the booking subtotal. 

Advanced listings. Hosts can pay for their listings to be appeared above others to get greater perceivability.

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