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A standardized 5G, synonymous with more security

A standardized 5G, synonymous with more security

Far from being a gadget or a whim, the 5G is a tool of progress at the service of a simple design: to better connect men with each other

The 5G is talking about her. A major innovation Technology in the coming years, it promises more speed, more connectivity, less latency. It nevertheless raises expectations and questions. The allocation of frequencies for the operators in the autumn keeps the debates about the benefits and risks of which it would be a carrier without, however, distorting the fantasies and received ideas that it conveys. In fact, it is difficult to have an enlightened thought about a technology whose technical understanding discourages more than one neophyte. To the simple question “What is 5G? ” , You will thus often be advanced a succession of acronyms such as” UMTS “and” LTE “, certainly evocative of the fabulous world, but difficult to grasp.

A direct consequence of this complexity, and the first shortcut: the 5G would be an improved 4G, synonymous with increased download speed and better connectivity. If these last two points are intrinsic qualities of the 5G, it would be totally wrong to reduce it to that. The 5G is not a simple evolution of the 4G, but a truly disruptive technology: it opens the door to new uses that go far beyond the world of mobile phone users since it opens up new business opportunities for players in the industry. sectors of transport, retail, industrial production, health …

Breakthrough technology. In the health field alone, for example, 5G will facilitate the ability to remotely operate with surgical precision and instant gesture execution simply by using the mobile network. Possibility totally unthinkable to date due to the latency of the network, that is to say, the time taken by a device to connect and receive information. Beyond the technical prowess, it is the societal impact of such an innovation that needs to be addressed. For example, it could help fight against medical deserts and congestion of emergencies, as well as inequalities of access to care.

It is truly a new interconnection between all the supports and services, both commercial and industrial, that this new 5G network will generate. In short, mobile technologies represent one of the most digital interconnection platforms for the next 10 to 15 years, especially for autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and connected objects.

A corollary of this speed of transmission of information, and second misconception: the 5G would be the door open to the leakage of personal data. The trojan horse of organized espionage, it would thus mark the end of the blessed time of anonymity. It’s wrong. First, because the preservation and security of data have become a mission of national interest. The GDPR, for example, applies to companies, public bodies, and associations, whatever their size or activity, as long as they process personal data on the territory of the European Union.

Then because the 5G will provide a higher level of security than that developed for 4G. Cybersecurity is one of the central topics on which 3GPP, the global standardization organization of 5G, has worked, with increased security standards and integrated by default into all its standards.

The new uses of 5G, such as the autonomous car, impose new industrial processes incorporating the highest levels of security; and responsiveness to the new security requirements of the entire ecosystem

Planned obsolescence. These standards are not defined once and for all, exposing them to planned obsolescence, but instead, incorporate the latest security developments and research results in the 5G system. 3GPP experts meet several times each year to develop and improve security technologies.

New uses linked to 5G, such as the autonomous car, require new industrial processes incorporating the highest levels of safety; and responsiveness to the new security requirements of the entire ecosystem.

Finally, because security for 5G is not a single task in the hands of a single entity. For the first time in the history of telecommunications, 5G has been designed and developed jointly by all the major players in the sector from networks, applications, or industrialists, within the 3GPP consortium. Each contributing in his own way, bringing his technological stone to the building.

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