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How Staffing Agencies Design a Great Candidate Experience?

How Staffing Agencies Design a Great Candidate Experience?

Effective staffing agencies know that with the current talent deficiencies, they can’t stand to lose candidates to their opposition. The discussion is not, at this point about expanding the quantity of individuals in the database yet rather is about the most efficient approach to oversee and use the database.

Creating a system around building a drew in talent pool of workers is more time and cost efficient than constantly attempting to obtain new talent. Your candidate commitment procedure will affect your fill rates, time to fill positions and client satisfaction, and everything starts with designing a positive candidate experience.

What is Candidate experience?

Candidate experience is the candidate’s general assessment of the whole recruiting and payroll services Dubai. It incorporates each touch point, including the precision of the set of working responsibilities, straightforwardness during the hiring process and capacity to contact a recruiter. Generally, it is a zone of recruitment that has been given less attention and has become the most important zone of opportunity that the new firms entering the business are focusing on.

Why is it Important?

In a seeker-driven market, agencies are in a savage rivalry with one another to fill a similar kind of jobs. Guaranteeing a positive encounter for the entirety of your candidates won’t just increase many key measurements like referrals, time to fill, fill rate and client satisfaction, however it can likewise be a key differentiator that separates your agency and brand from the opposition.

A negative encounter frequently results in declined propositions for employment, flake-outs, and a helpless response rate. While, a positive candidate experience would definitely make a candidate more faithful to your agency, and thus increases the probability of tolerating an offer, alluding a companion and in any event, performing better at work. So how might we do this?

User-Centered Design Thinking

User-focused design thinking is a process of tackling issues by thinking about the needs, needs and limitations of the user during each stage. In the recruiting scene, your users are your candidates. Using this structure we can drive a positive encounter for our candidates. Where do we start?

1. Candidate Research

You start by conversing with your candidates and making a push to understand who they are. What are their ways of life? What is important to them and why? It is important to understand their personal character before we create a solution.

2. Detect potential barriers

Using your research, attempt to find issues they face during the recruiting process. Is it true that they are experiencing difficulty reaching a recruiter? Is the timeline thwarting their experience? What are the potential grating points?

3. Conceptualize solutions with your group

Consider how you can represent these barriers. Can you adjust your work processes? Is it time to seek out a tech solution that will give candidates what they are searching for?

4. Create the solution

Past deciding and ordering the solution, ensure you’ve represented execution. How might you convey it to the group to guarantee consistent adoption?

5. Measure and test the adequacy of the solution

Pay attention to how candidates are drawing in with your solution (and consider creating benchmarks for its utilization). Furthermore, seek criticism from candidates whenever the situation allows so you can iterate on fruitful elements and return to less compelling ones.

How is Time Saved helping agencies design an enhanced candidate experience?

Providing worker-driven accessibility

Empowering workers to set their own accessibility through a mobile application brings a feeling of autonomy and adaptability for candidates while allowing Emiratisation in Dubai recruiters to concentrate on putting the candidates who are available momentarily.

Promoting transparency

Workers can rate and give criticism about the client. Agencies can utilize this data to affirm and elevate exceptionally appraised clients to pull in candidates while sharing significant territories of enhancements.

Increasing ease of communication

Gone are the times of telephone tag and constantly reviving your inbox. Candidates and recruiters can without much of a stretch connect and share data with one another through the in-application visit function.

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