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Bucket List Destination – Solo Trip to Rajasthan

Bucket List Destination – Solo Trip to Rajasthan

Planning a memorable trip to Rajasthan – how about best and free GPS tracking apps for iOS? Never thought about it, right! I ticked off my solo trip to Rajasthan all because of Tripp App without burning a hole in my pocket.

An ethnic, regal culture – a home away from home! Solo trips are amazing, and Rajasthan was worth it. A very welcoming state with its yummylicious local cuisines, majestic monuments, and traditional-colourful dresses. A sight to a sore eye! 

The top 5 reasons out of many which I can think of now as to why I pick Rajasthan for my solo trip are listed below:

Calm, Serene and Peaceful Atmosphere

I am a slow traveller. I love staying at places and exploring the positive vibes it gives me. With friendly people around it feels homely and safe. Fervent smiles, ambient gestures, while I walk down the lanes of Jodhpur taking pictures, it all melted my solo traveller fear. Best free GPS app for iPhone – Tripp App, took me to the breathtakingly beautiful views which are indescribable. 

Takes Back to Our Rich Culture and Traditions

Whenever someone asks us about the land of festivals, there’s the picture of Rajasthan that carves out in our minds. With rich culture and traditions, it holds some fantastic festivals annually like Marwar Festival, Nagaur Festival, Gangaur Festival and more. I knew about the celebrations but didn’t know where they took place. Thanks to best and free GPS tracking apps for iOS, for not letting me miss the folk dances and songs at Udaipur.  

Living the History

We have all read about kings and queens in history. But how about living their story? Feels amazing! I went to Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur and Udaipur to witness the majestic history of India. They were just awe-inspiring and well-preserved. Honey-combed – Hawa Mahal is just unforgettable! Tripp App, best free GPS app for iPhone, took me to the monuments and places which I would have otherwise missed.

Stately Hotels and Food 

The rustic hotels and junkie cafes were extra-ordinary beautiful and welcoming. Enjoying my meal at Ambrai restaurant and bar with a view of the Lake Palace, and wandering in the street tasting its local food, I loved every bit of my stay at Rajasthan. The accommodations were safe and homely, providing me to pick and drop facility. Rooms were cosy, warm and felt like the 1920s, which were an add-on to this memorable trip. 

Inviting Deserts

Deserts in Rajasthan comprises of three cities – Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur, which is commonly known as Desert Triangle. Flecked with dunes, decorated camels, sandy plains, Rajasthan provides terrific opportunities for adventure enthusiasts like a desert safari. My handy, all-time travel partner, best and free GPS tracking app for iOS, let me enjoy the glory of deserts.  

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