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Lose And Find Yourself On A Solo Trip To Nag Tibba

Lose And Find Yourself On A Solo Trip To Nag Tibba

If you’re looking for a quick and easy weekend getaway to spend some time and reconnect with yourself, consider trekking up to the beautiful Nag Tibba in Uttarakhand! Nag Tibba – or the Serpent Peak – stands at an altitude of 3,022 metres. It is the highest peak in the Nag Tibba ranges if the Garhwal Himalayan Range – or the Lesser Himalayan Range.

Nag Tibba is the perfect vacation spot, because there is no single best time to visit it – it is superb and fascinating year round! The weather in Nag Tibba is pleasant all year round, averaging at about 11 degrees Celsius, and ranging from about 6 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius in the hottest months of the year. Apart from this, it is also breathtakingly beautiful. If you take up the Nag Tibba trek, you will not only enjoy a panoramic view of lush forests and pristine, proud snow capped mountains. The Nag Tibba Trek will also give you the chance of a lifetime – the chance to camp  under the clear, twinkling Himalayan night sky!

The course to the summit on the Nag Tibba Trek is definitely amazing in its own right, but cannot hold a candle to what anticipates you at the pinnacle. The Nag Tibba pinnacle offers an all encompassing perspective on the Garhwal reaches, and consistently has a cool and lovely breeze blowing at the top, paying little heed to whether it’s in the winter or the late spring months.

There are two potential courses for the Nag Tibba Trek – one that takes you through Auntar Village, and the other by means of Patwari Village. Both these courses meet at Nag Mandir and combine en route. The chosen course for the Nag Tibba Trek takes you through the route via Patwari Village. The course takes you through a delicate grade, getting more extreme in parts before it takes you to the curious little Goat Village. Trekkers additionally get an opportunity to view the ancient Nag Mandir, set to a backdrop of dazzling green glades and amazing valleys.

The Nag Tibba Trek is an unquestionable requirement accomplish for all trekking fans, especially those looking to likewise visit Mussoorie or Dehradun. The Nag Tibba trek is the nearest trekking course from Dehradun and Rishikesh for trekkers visiting the Garhwal locale. It offers a magnificent view of the enchanting snow capped Himalayas, thick and rich woods and untamed life, and a delightful region of precipitous landscape. The Nag Tibba Trek is a simple evaluation trek, and truly challenges that high elevation treks are amazingly troublesome. The view of Spiti on one side and Bandarpoonch on the other make the Nag Tibba Trek even more advantageous.

This Nag Tibba Trek is a superb escape, regardless of whether you’re simply searching for a Himalayan trek, for an outdoors experience, for an opportunity to be unified with nature and make tracks in an opposite direction from the tedium of day by day life, or in case you’re hoping to see the Nag Mandir and investigate the fables and folklore behind the locale. Nag Tibba gets its name from the words “Nag Devta,” meaning “God of the Snakes”, and “Tibba”, which is the word in the vernacular language for “hill,” or “peak.” According the folktales of the locals in the region, the residents of the area would go to the Nag Tibba peak and worship the Nag Devta, seeking refuge and protection of their cattle. Nag Tibba is often visited by those looking to extend their pilgrimage from Rishikesh. The region holds a lot of folklore, culture and history.

The best time to take up the Nag Tibba Trek is either between April to May, or between the months of October to December. Since it is a short 2 day trek, it makes for the perfect weekend getaway. However, because it takes trekkers to quite a high altitude, it is advised that those considering this trek prepare at least two weeks in advance, since their lungs must be strong enough to be able to endure the high altitudes. This easy trek is perfect for solo trekkers as well as those looking to go on a group trek, since it offers a little something for everyone.

Tell us, what are your plans for the weekend?

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