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Guide to Solo travel in Iceland

Guide to Solo travel in Iceland

the world and is a heaven for those who look for frequent adrenalin rushes. It is a developed nation that has the world’s lowest crime rate. It is a sophisticated culture and a sense of modern worldview has found it a very prestigious place in the world. It is known not only for great sightseeing and adventure activities but also for its rich and diverse culture that has some of the best people that you have ever met in your life. Tourists from all over the globe swarm around Iceland every year. It is renowned for its rich and beautiful natural setting with great attractions that can be easily accessed and enjoyed all year-round. Save money and grab some street food on the go, and take yourself down for a nice, long walk. You can also take Iceland Private Tours.

As a solo traveler, Iceland provides you with the opportunity of strolling in a beautiful park or along famous black sand beaches that can help elevate your senses. You can even take yourself to a movie or spend the night enjoying the loud music in clubs or read silently under the starry sky. There is something for everybody here in Iceland. It welcomes with open arms adventure enthusiasts. You can also enjoy sports such as fishing, horseback riding, swimming, hiking, golfing and biking. You can also appreciate Iceland’s rich cuisine where it is assured to be of the best quality at all costs. There are various shopping destinations in Iceland as well. In short, there are countless reasons to travel solo to Iceland, question is—which one of them you want to make it yours?

Why travel solo to Iceland?

In recent years, solo traveling has become quite mainstream around the globe. It is a great choice if you are short on budget. Or have a few days off from your daily work life. Many people have the desire to explore the world on their bucket list. And luxury travel Iceland provides with this once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the hidden gems of our planet. Iceland offers some of the world’s best destinations for adventure junkies. It is a great place to start your solo traveling journey and making your dreams turn into reality. 

What to visit as a solo traveler in Iceland?

 travel in Iceland

When it comes to Iceland, there is no shortage of places to visit. Whether you are enjoying music, dance, and literature at the Reykjavik Art Festival or the annual Food and Fun Festival fun is guaranteed. Visit Reynisfjara’s black-sand beach, a volcanic beach renowned for its insane basalt columns, lava flows, towering cliffs, and huge caves. Or explore the gorgeous Waterfall of Skógafoss. It is a 60 m high waterfall located on the Skógá River in the south of Iceland is famous for its rainbow that is usually visible on sunny days. Or how about Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, which is a wide, 18 km2 glacier lagoon. The lagoon is believed to come from the combination of fresh and seawater for its distinctive color. Iceland is the paradise of all travelers. So, if you love walking through the majestic wonders that the Mother Natural has to offer, then Iceland is the perfect location for you.

Where to stay as a solo traveler in Iceland?

solo traveler

As you will be traveling solo, the budget would be a little tight. Try to save expenses in accommodation. Don’t go for high-end hotels. It is simply a waste of money. A small cottage, in a good location, will comfortably get you through the night. The cottages in Iceland often have huge windows on all sides that are great for experiencing the Northern Lights.

How to pack for solo travel in Iceland?

Whenever you are traveling solo, remember to pack light. Take only what you need. But don’t forget to pack warm clothes. They are always useful during the time of adventures. A wool coat, warm undergarments, warm hat, gloves, and waterproof pants must be included in Iceland clothing. Add waterproof hiking boots and crampons to the rough terrain. Iceland’s not for the weak of heart in winter. Also, plan to be versatile when you’re visiting Iceland in the winter. On a dime, the weather changes and is typically colder than expected. Here the temperature drops below-10 ° C to+ 10 ° C. And lastly grab your camera to capture some of the most picturesque locations the land of fire and ice has to offer.

Things to keep in mind while traveling solo in Iceland

While exploring the natural beauty of Iceland, one must not let the things that are essential to remember to slip away from the mind. As you will be completely alone as a solo traveler, you will be required to take care of everything necessary all by yourself. The first thing to keep in mind is that Iceland is expensive. Basic necessities like water come in 5 dollars for every bottle. Also, you will be charged as high as $8/gallon for fuel. So, make your travel budget accordingly. Try to cut down on unnecessary expenses like hotels, fine dining, and so on. It is advised to plan in advance. Do your research properly. Save all the maps of destinations that you would like to visit in google maps. This will save you a lot of time and help you avoid unwanted confusion. And most importantly don’t forget to have fun and make it a trip of a lifetime.

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