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4 Solid Reasons Why Surf Camps Should Be in Your Trip Agenda

4 Solid Reasons Why Surf Camps Should Be in Your Trip Agenda

If you are looking for an exciting vacation, Costa Rica is the perfect place for a “surfari”. Yes, surf and safari combined make for an epic trip of a lifetime. This quaint country with its rugged terrain, vast rainforests, biodiverse flora and fauna, volcanoes, and long coastlines, is the perfect place to go on a surfing safari. 

Flanked by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, you will enjoy surf camp in Costa Rica with its long stretches of white sand and rolling waves. If you don’t feel like planning much, staying in a surf camp in this part of the world is your best bet. Read on below to see why going to one should be on your trip agenda.

Fuss-Free Planning

When you visit this kind of camp, you are taking the easy road because all you really have to do is just book your flight to San Jose, the capital, and your chosen resort will take care of all the other details. You don’t have to worry about who will pick you up at the airport, the directions to get to where you need to go, the accommodations, the meals to nourish you, and more.

For the duration of your stay, your primary responsibility is to relax and enjoy the sand, sea, and sun. All you need is the outfit to wear and slap on your sunblock. Your surfing guide will bring you to the best areas while explaining the intricate history and nuances of the place. 

Provides Family Bonding

Your chosen surf camp in Costa Rica is a great place to bond with your family. You must pick one that offers instructions for newbies so your children can learn as well. A camp has a team, so if you and your companions have varied skill levels, you can count on receiving a tailor-fit instruction to suit your needs. Ticos, the colloquial name for Costa Ricans, are very friendly so you’ll get the best teachers. The best thing about going on this trip is you learn something new while creating fun and unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Offer Year-Round Wave Encounters

Costa Rica has tropical weather, which means you can expect the sun to come out all year long. If you live in a land-locked place like Idaho or a super cold location like New Hampshire, you are most definitely starving for some wave action. You can count on surf camps to provide you with the most excellent spots where you can get non stop rolling breakers, billows, or rollers. In a location like this, you can ride the waves from sunup to sundown. 

Provides a Way To Ease Your Back Into the Practice

If you are recovering from an injury or breaking a long surfing hiatus after being pregnant, the best place to get back your mojo is in a surf camp. Hop back on your board with a huge bang and up your wave count with like-minded enthusiasts. After a break, you’ll want to slowly ease your place back into the water so you won’t hurt yourself. Thankfully, surf camps are a god-send when it comes to offering you wave options and varied schedules so you can be as speedy or as slow as you prefer. 

Final Word

As you can see, doing a surf camp in Costa Rica is a great way to spend your limited vacation. Going here will enhance your surfing techniques while allowing you to explore a beautiful culture and many iconic spots. But the best thing you will learn from the Ticos is the “pura vida” way of life. It means living a pure life that’s fun and carefree. You only have one life, so you must pursue happiness, living it the best way you can. Now, the only thing you’ll have to do is book that trip

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