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How to Make Application for Claiming Your Social Security Disability Benefits

How to Make Application for Claiming Your Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Benefits are applied to those who fail to continue their job due to any physical or mental illness. Usually, these benefits are for those who are suffering from any long-term illness or any permanent damage to their system. With these disability benefits, they can fight against the financial weakness that they will face due to leaving the job. But claiming the SSD benefits are not easy. What you need is to find the best SSD lawyer who can present your case in the court with all the evidence and proofs and help you to get the benefits. Now, there are certain steps you need to follow while applying for these benefits. Once you do that, your lawyer proceeds with your case. What are the steps when applyingfor Social Security Disability Attorney Las Vegas benefits? Read on to know more-

Know How to Make the Initial Application

This is the very first step while you want to file an application to get your SSD benefits. At this stage, you need to submit your application with all your medical records and evidence to the SSA. This entire process may take 90 to 120 days to get completed. You have to be very particular about mentioning your needs in the application and also be careful about presenting the effective medical evidence as only 30% of these applications are getting approved.


Now, at the initial process of application, it is quite possible that your application won’t get approved. In such a situation, you can get another 60 days off to file your application again to the SSA. At this time, the first step is to appeal for reconsideration. Once you file your application again, it is sent back again for the second review. You have to wait for around three to five months for the completion of this process and less than 15% of the applications are approved this time.


You can call this the second step of the appealing process. If your application gets denied at the stage of reconsideration, you will get a time gap for hearing of sixty days from the date of denying your reconsideration application. Once you appeal for hearing, your case will be taken care of by the administrative law judge. At this step, the judge will review your case, check every detail of it and can approve it and send for review of can deny your claim if he finds any mistake in your information. This stage may take 2 years to get completed.

If your case gets approved at the hearing stage, it will then travel from the lower courts to the upper courts, but there is always the chance that your case gets denied. That’s why you have to look for the best Social Security Disability Lawyer Near Me Utah who can help you to take every step minutely so that you get a positive result.

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