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Social Media Walls – Everything You Need to Know About them!

Social Media Walls – Everything You Need to Know About them!

If you’re a social media marketer or if you deal in corporate events, you must be well aware of the social media tool- SOCIAL MEDIA WALL.

You must have frequently encountered a social media wall during live events, concerts, conferences, seminars, trade shows, launch events, and others.

Not just events, you must have seen social media walls in malls or outside retail stores as their digital signage. Even on official websites of brands, you can find embedded social media walls displaying user-generated content aggregated from various social media platforms as social proof.

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In short, if you’re familiar with social media marketing trends, you must know about social media walls.

But just in case, if you’re still not familiar with the concept of social media walls, then this article is what you need. It is all about Social Media Walls- what are they, how do they work, and what are the benefits of using them for your brand promotion!

So, here’s the scoop-

What Is A Social Wall?

Simply put, a social wall is nothing much technical as the name seems to be. It is a simple digital screen displaying real-time social media feeds. These posts are generally fetched from major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Slack, and others.

A Social Wall operates with the help of powerful social media aggregator and display tools working for it in the backend who perform the operations of aggregation, curation, customization, display, and tracking. We will discuss all of it in the next segment. So let’s jump on to it.

How Do Social Media Walls Work?

The way Social Media Walls operate can be easily classified into these basic steps-

  • Aggregate- User-generated content from multiple social media networks is aggregated using a specific hashtag, keywords, mentions, profiles, and other sources. All these operations take place in real-time, i.e, your social media posts are automatically updated and displayed on the social wall.
  • Curate- Social media aggregators working to fetch content from multiple sources also comes with powerful moderation and curation features that help you monitor the quality of the content that is to be displayed on the social wall. It lets you filter out the irrelevant content and prevent it from displaying up on the social wall.
  • Customize- Social media aggregators and display tools come with the customization options that let you beautify the social media content before it is being displayed on the social wall. Beautiful themes, responsive layouts, and custom CSS options help you to make the social media feed wall really attractive to engage and interact with.
  • Display- Once you are done aggregating, curating, and customizing the social media feeds to be displayed on the social wall, now it’s time to display to your audience on what you worked so hard for. If you are displaying it on a digital screen in any event or as digital signage, just generate the display URL and with its help your wall can go live on the digital screen. If you are embedding the social wall on a website, generate the embed code and paste it in the backend of the webpage where you want to display it.
  • Analyze- Once your social wall goes live, now you need to monitor its performance. How well is your audience interacting with your social media wall? How much is the impression rate? And many other factors like that help you to determine the success level of your social wall. A great social wall always comes with robust Analytics feature that gives you insight into all these engagement information. This also helps you to modify your marketing strategy to make it perform better.

Why Should You Use Social Media Walls?

Social media walls are not hyped for anything. They actually bring along a lot of benefits for your business. Come, let’s have a look at some major benefits.

1. Displays User-Generated Content

Social media walls are the best way to display user-generated content to your audience at any event or website visitors. The visual appeal of user-generated content extracted from social media is further enhanced when it is displayed using a social media wall. The amazing customization options that come along with the social walls helps you give your social feeds the look and feel of your brand.

2. Boosts User Engagement

Social media walls are really attractive to look at. They are like this cool tech at display at any event. They tend to attract the audience towards itself, thereby, compelling them to engage with your social content more.

When the audience sees other user’s posts and images getting displayed on the sparkly wall, they are also encouraged to do the same by posting on social media using your brand hashtag. Hence, user engagement is boosted.

3. Spreads Word of Mouth Marketing

Boosted user engagement with your social media posts being displayed on the social wall in a way helps to spread the word of mouth marketing about your brand and event. When your audience and users post on social media about your event or your brand, then their friends and follower base gets to know about it, thus spreading brand awareness.

4. Boosts your website’s performance

A social wall is a great addition to any website. It not only improves its user-interface but also helps to make website visitors stay for longer on your website by engaging them with the embedded social media posts. This helps to improve the overall metrics of your website by increasing the dwell-rate and conversion rates and decreasing the bounce rate.

5. Builds Social Trust

 When you display user-generated content in a fashionable way using a social wall, it helps you to display user experience with your brand, their happiness, and satisfaction with your brand’s products and services to a wider audience base. This improves the credibility factor of your brand and enhances its authenticity. This, in turn, helps to build social trust and increase confidence in your brand among your users.

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