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Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media that are Killing Your Online Business in 2020

Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media that are Killing Your Online Business in 2020

Social media is important for every business because it helps to increase reach, sales, and leads. But if you don’t make use of social media properly, then it can damage your business or brand.

There are more than three billion active users on social media each day. You can drive sales and leads both to your site with the help of social media platforms. Strategies are important for online business owners. Without strategies, you should not proceed to take any steps that can hamper your online business.

If you make use of social media platforms properly then it can take your business to the next step of success. It will help you improve your brand visibility and brand awareness. However, some common mistakes on social media platforms can lead to the downfall of your business.

Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media that are Killing Your Online Business in 2020

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As you already know the importance of social media and how it should be utilized to grow your online business well. If you are just a beginner then there are higher chances of making mistakes on social media platforms. 

Therefore, here are the common five mistakes you are making on social media that are killing your online business in 2020,

Failing to Prepare:

You need to prepare yourself as well as all the plans beforehand so that it can work better. Whenever you make a plan for social media marketing then be sure you discuss it with your friends so that they can suggest it if needed.

Don’t make a plan alone and implement it. First, share your ideas with your team members and then make a proper strategy. If all goes well, implement it at the proper time.

Business owners also make a mistake of sharing content on the wrong platforms. You need to understand that there are different platforms for different purposes. Instagram is popular for showing visual images and videos, Facebook is best to run your ads and share posts, etc. This way you need to choose platforms according to your need.


Originality is difficult to achieve with the number of ideas and data floating on the internet. Most of the online businesses are not giving credit where it is due.

Whenever a company is giving information on any facts or statistics, then that company is regarded as a plagiarizer. On the other hand, sometimes it happens that you are taking information or data from other sites then make sure that you give credit to that particular site so that Google does not a plagiarism tag to your website.

These are the common mistakes on social media that kill your online business in no time. Even if you are coping quotation of popular personalities then give credit to them, mention their names after the quotation. Therefore, make sure to avoid this mistake if you are doing right now.

Forgetting Your Brand:

Many a time it happens that business owners forget their brand’s main motive. This way you are destroying your online business in 2020.

Don’t forget what is the main motive of your brand and how does it can help the audience. All business owners need to be very careful whenever they are crossing the line. 

For example, if a company or a brand is making fun of politics or creating content on memes on social media platforms, then it can really destroy your brand or business on social media platforms. Make content only on those that are related to your brand, don’t cross your limits.

This way you can prevent your online business by making common mistakes on social media platforms. Do not forget your brand and its main motive.

Over-hash tagging:

As you already know that hashtags are very important to reach your audience. It is one of the most effective ways to create engagement among the audience.

But keep in mind that over-hash tagging looks too much desperate and spammy. On the other hand, use relevant hashtags. It is very important to maintain relevancy on social media platforms. 

If you are posting a post of fashion then don’t use hashtags related to business or politics. If your post is related to men then don’t give hashtags of skirt or beauty. Also, don’t over-optimize, because it can look too spammy. Keep these things in mind while giving proper hashtags for your online business or brand on social media platforms.

Excessive Commenting and Liking Posts on LinkedIn:

This is one of the common mistakes by most of the business owners i.e., excessive commenting and liking posts on LinkedIn. You need to understand that LinkedIn is used for professional networks. 

Therefore, unnecessary commenting and liking can irritate people. Also, it is one of the easiest and valuable tools to annoy connections. Don’t do this because it can destroy your business and will lead to the downfall.

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media platforms where you will get higher conversion rates as it is related to only professional networks. Make sure you follow these instructions properly so that you don’t destroy your business in the long run and take it to the next level of success.

The Final Thoughts

Here you go! I have tried my best to keep all the dishes on a single plate. The above-mentioned mistakes are the common ones that most of the business owners make on social media platforms.

Also, it sometimes happens that you make these mistakes unknowingly which can lead to the serious downfall of your business. You need to stop these mistakes so that you can help your business to grow properly.

Also, don’t run ads on social media without target your audience. You need to target only those people who are your correct audience. Target according to age, gender, interests, and many more. Online business requires your hard work and determination, so don’t waste it with your common mistakes. Read the instructions carefully and give a push to your brand.

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Ariana Smith is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world through blogging. Ariana smith is associated with the daily notes & rslonline.

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