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Social Media Marketing- DO and DON’T Things To keep In Mind

Social Media Marketing- DO and DON’T Things To keep In Mind

Creating a social media strategy for blog or business is easy but to get a positive outcome from that strategy is difficult. Social Media is not just a platform for making connection or to socialize, it is more than that. Now a day’s everybody using social media to promote their business and service.  A social Media platform is for those who are creative and have innovative mind.

Before making your social media strategy you should make sure about three things:

  1. Analyze what you want to do?
  2. Make sure your Goal and objectives
  3. Made a route through which you will achieve your Goal.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

As the name suggest Social Media Marketing is a way to use social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, YouTube etc to promote one business and services or to get relevant audience( Traffic) for the website.

What Are the Do’s and Dont’s of Using Social Media?

Social Media is a big platform. It can be very useful if manage properly otherwise a single mistake can destroy all of your effort. For Example: Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks all over world but it lost its market in Dubai because of its small mistake on social media marketing.

DO’s To Be Noted:

  • Always check your word before publishing your article
  • Use Relevant images according to your targeted audiences
  • Every Country and the population of that country have different perception so marketing should be done according to their interest
  • Continuous Interaction is important over here

Dont’s to be Noted:

  • Never use irrelevant or hurt any religious sentiment
  • Time Management is necessary in social media marketing
  • Very Little Interaction is like a sin over here.
  • Fails to deal with social media negative feedback
 Social Media

How Can We Use YouTube for Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy?

YouTube is one of the favorite platforms for Marketer since it’s launched in the year 2006.It is keep going higher into the world of marketing. There is various ways for promoting business through digital marketing but they have their own limitation where in YouTube you can promote almost everything. Marketer enjoys using YouTube for Social Media Marketing. YouTube is very helpful when it comes to do social media marketing and it can be seen as below:

  • YouTube is the best way for engaging Audience
  • YouTube is the fresh style of providing content 
  • YouTube is an attractive medium
Social Media Marketing Strategy

YouTube Is The Best Way For Engaging Audience:

YouTube is one of the most favorable social media marketing channels for marketers. The Major reason towards this trust is that it has led to rabid growth in massive engagement to social media platform. YouTube has highly been embraced for its official standards as well as its effectiveness. People love to create their own YouTube channel and post frequently because of which massive traffic comes here.

YouTube Provide Fresh Style Of Providing Content:

YouTube is trusted by almost everyone; one of the reasons for the same is that it is owned by Google. For effective Marketing, YouTube is a great choice. Everyday lots of people create their YouTube channel and post fresh content. So in YouTube you will always get option for fresh content.

YouTube is an attractive medium:

YouTube is a great medium to become popular and earn, because of this the popularity of YouTube increasing every day. Millions of people visited here every day for information and ideas.


Everyone loves YouTube and wants to be famous or at list gain some profit. It is one of the most unique social media platform in the sense that information, entertain as well as knowledge can be found under one roof.

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