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How to Get Digital Sales & Set Sales Expectations and How You Can Price Your Social Media Marketing Services

How to Get Digital Sales & Set Sales Expectations and How You Can Price Your Social Media Marketing Services

Being a business in the modern age means that you are also going to be working on modern sales funnels. This means that you need to focus on how to make digital sales. And in 2019, digital is what it is all about. If you want to learn how to succeed in the sales industry, you need to know modern day tips on how to get sales.

Here is exactly how to Get Digital Sales & Social Media Marketing

How to make modern day sales?

Use the following tips to learn how to strategize on modern day sales.

Be a modern communicator

In the old times, there was a time when you would make sales calls and send out emails to pitch your products or services to people. However, times have changed now. Do you think today’s leads expect to receive calls? Well, chances are, people want to communicate differently now. They prefer getting a Facebook message or a Linked In message. They expect viewing your ads on Facebook and Google. They want you to create content on Instagram. Pick the platforms they expect to view you on.

Social Media

Be social

Social media today has changed the way people communicate. It has transformed human behavior. To truly engage with your audience on a human to human level and get frank with them, you need to be as much social as possible. To be social means to be able to form a community around your social media. This means that you won’t just want to be able to generate content but also to be able to make sure that you are able to respond to the comments people leave on your content. You want to reply them back. They should be able to interact with the people who are behind your social media.

Count social media popularity using social media counter and keep an eye on trends related to your niche.

Understand the lead generation process

You need to realize the lead generation today is more difficult than ever before. Likewise, they are also very costly. On the other hand, you need to realize that the modern user needs you to build a trust relationship. If you want to be able to get leads, you want to build that kind of a trust. Keep your conversation around your brand and be responsive. Tell people what values your brand stands for. Likewise, you want to be able to communicate to people that you are a trust worthy partner that regardless of their experience with the company want to stay in touch and solve their problems.

Ask for the business when the time is right

If you are a business, you want to know when to ask people to purchase your products or services. You also want to be able to calculate that when time is right. This is the time when you have built enough trust with the audience you are working with and you are satisfied that they trust you enough to work with you in the long and short term. Do this and you will find sales that work the best for you.

How You Can Price Your Social Media Marketing Services

Internet marketing is a growing industry. However, not all businesses have the time to build dedicated teams to work on internet marketing. Internet marketing agencies provide such services so that businesses can appreciate. It has been proven that businesses that market on the internet are much more likely to increase sales. Social media marketing in particular is what everyone is talking about. However, for some people who are just starting out in the industry, it is difficult to dedicate what they should charge for their services. We will break is down for you right here.

The price is determined in a number of ways. It is everything from the expertise and experience of the team you are working with, the duration of the job and the kind of labor that will go into providing that service. A business getting both their social media and website optimized will have a different package from a business wanting to expand through social media. Now social media marketing services should not be charged according to packages. Imagine that you go to a doctor. Without properly diagnosing you, if your doctor starts to recommend you medicines, how would you feel? You will question the likelihood of those medicines working for you. The same goes for businesses. Marketing places are specific to the niches and needs of businesses.

What you need to do here is that you need to realize that your job is to provide value to a customer. You want to charge for that value. For a mid-level restaurant, if you are able to bring 100 people a month, that is great. And not just the customers, you are bringing long term value to that business. People will of course not stop at one meal. Some of the customers will keep coming back again and again. And keeping that into account i.e. how much money you are making that business, you need to price our service.

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