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The 7 Best Types of Social Media Advertising in 2019

The 7 Best Types of Social Media Advertising in 2019

Do you think establishing a business that offers smart services to its customers is enough to make it successful? Good content, for sure is the base for a successful venture. Your content will eventually find a chunk of mass to serve its services but to gain the exact boost it needs demands a significant step. Advertising is that step!

Although the ever-changing market has its cons, yet the field of advertising never lags. From traditional methods to make its appearance on the Internet, advertisements have excelled in each of its appearances. This flexible nature of advertisement is meant to serve your needs to get the much-deserved growth for your business.

The ‘Social’ wave

Recently, the world has witnessed immense growth in the role of social media in one’s life. Nearly 3 billion of the world’s population has been spending its time on social media. You can target a great amount of audience through these platforms in a convenient and faster way. Advertisements are curated, keeping in mind the type of audience you want to target. However, using the correct type of social media to endorse your business is very important to make the most out of your advertising strategy. The wrong platform can degrade your reputation as much as the correct one can enhance.

Creating content for social media advertising can be a problematic task if pursued non-professionally. Therefore, various online learning softwares are available to reduce the hassle in case you choose to do it yourself.

Here are 2019’s 7 best types of social media that can trigger your advertising strategy in a beneficial manner


The most renowned social networking platform undoubtedly is Facebook. The home to 2.38 billion worldwide audiences, Facebook entertains the social needs of people varying from different age groups and sections of the society that you can target as your prospects.

Facebook, being the server of different forms of media, offers a large exposure to the advertising industry. Sufficient engagement with your audience with interesting content is the key to a successful advertising campaign on Facebook, which can relatively increase the reach of your business. You can get started by logging in at Facebook business.


Being the king of visual sharing site on the internet, Instagram has been catering its services to a very large amount of audience. Advertising on Instagram is easier when you have the knowledge to use its features such as hashtags and stories wisely. Although your advertisements are prone to affect a lot more if you have a well established following on the platform.

Gaining followers is the tricky part which takes a long time, though you can use a service to get more followers on Instagram. By using such services you can increase your followers quickly to witness prominent growth in your business in a short time.


YouTube is the evergreen platform which has its roots in the field of advertisements far more crucially than any other platform. From generating brand awareness as well as revenue, YouTube has it all sorted.


YouTube provides an excellent place to educate as well as encourage the audience about your services. It may not be perceived as the purest form of social media yet a large section of people interact through comments and channels which allows you to endorse your content through it.


It is undeniable that the first audience of your business is the people who are closely related to you. WhatsApp allows you to share your business among the privacy of your family and private contacts.

WhatsApp also allows people to directly connect with your business by clicking on the ads that redirect them to send messages on your business accounts. WhatsApp is highly beneficial for providing customer support through personal communication.


The bird app is known to spread a piece of information within limited words. This quality makes the information compressed, interesting and easy to read for viewers. Advertisements through twitter can be a smarter choice than any other media platform.

Twitter does not require any larger than life advertising budgets to gain prospects. Also, the growing audience in this application provides thorough exposure to your business. An actively participating Twitter account is all you need to communicate with your customers as well as to attract new ones.


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social site which makes it twice more important to participate and sponsor advertisements here. Business leaders interact here which can be a quick opportunity for you to endorse your brand. Advertising on LinkedIn attracts customers as well as coins a chance of getting into the eyes of well-established and influential contacts. Visit LinkedIn Ads to know more.


Snapchat can be perceived as a “millennial driven” social site. It seems to offer its services to a younger age group of people which can be beneficial and easy to target by ventures. Through entertaining visuals, advertising on Snapchat has been prioritized for a long time now. If your business aims for the audience that comprises of teens and young adults then Snapchat is the perfect platform for you.

Social media has evolved as a significant part of our lives. Incorporating it to advertise your brand leads to growth in the number of prospects as well as to establish a trustworthy brand name in the market.

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