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Social Learning Theory & Why Is Important For Employees

Social Learning Theory & Why Is Important For Employees

What Is Social Learning Theory?

Social learning theory is composed of two words: social and learning. This clearly explains what the theory is about. Training that makes us capable of contributing as an individual in any society. However, for a deeper context, this theory is based on the different learning process and social behaviors which when combined can give birth to new forms of social behaviors. Our brain is always in the learning mode. It is continuously acquiring knowledge through different resources, thoughts and experiences. In the same way, it is learning to acquire more knowledge in a social context. What makes us different from other living creatures on the earth is that we grew up with people who act like us, thinks like us and feels the same things that we have the ability. Your environments play a huge part in your social learning. We have observed and learned through our environment. In addition to the observation of different behaviors in our environment, various methods, for instance, positive and negative reinforcement exists that makes us develop new social habits. This theory is based on four important factors: attention, retention, reproduction and motivation. There are many applications of social learning but the most important application is in the workplace. Here are some ways that exhibit how social learning benefits employees in any organization:

1. Employee Development

One thing that enhances the growth of any organization is how much developed the employees are. The development of employees is essential to add more working skills and upgrade their knowledge to increase the efficiency of the company. Social learning theory plays an active part in this factor. It makes sure that employees learn from each other and analyze their own performance.

2. Collaboration and Teamwork

You might have heard teamwork makes dream work. Collaboration between the workers and teamwork enables the company to achieve success and enhance their growth. The above-mentioned method comes into use when any member of the team is facing issues with their respective projects or while communicating. They can take help from other members in completing their projects. In addition to the workload, they can also assist each other to communicate effectively. 

3. Boost Productivity

Furthermore, the social learning theory helps to boost productivity in any company. When the workers are productive, this makes sure that the firm is able to increase and utilize its human resources. The more productive the companies are, the more happy and healthy employees are which consequently results in success. This not only benefits the company but its customers too.

4. Competitive Workforce

Competition in the workforce helps to keep the employees running and bringing new innovative ideas regularly. The fourth factor of social theory which is motivation plays its part here. The completion motivates the employees and they feel the need to work hard.

5. Positive Behaviour

Positive behavior can be referred to those actions that form a positive working environment. A force that drives employees to work more effectively through what they say or do. Talking about work, ideas and opinions all come to make any workplace positive. Moreover, teamwork, motivation and learning new things come all under this term.

Ways to Integrate the Social Learning Ideology in a Workplace

1. Usage of Technology

According to AssignmentMasterUK, this ideology can be integrated into the workplace by using communicating websites such as slack or Google Hangouts. This will help the members to stay in touch with each other constantly and share their work and ideas with each other. 

2. Seminars and Training

To make your team more engaging and informative, you can conduct seminars and training that will motivate them towards a unified goal. You can also introduce many sites that offer courses to employees with the purpose of training.

3. Facilitate Informal Team Interaction

Arrange picnics and trips for the workers to get to know each other and engage with each other. When they will get to know each other more, this will create an easy and fun environment in your company.

4. Encourage Peers to Give Feedback on Each Other’s Work

When individuals get together, try to remove their faults, and mistakes together, this develops trust and respect. They will get to work on their performance and work together for the company’s greater good.


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are the benefits of social learning theory and ways that can help any employer to integrate this method for a better and thriving staff. This scheme has numerous benefits such as a positive environment, happy and healthy employees who are motivated and dedicated to one common goal, teamwork, competitive and finally, a productive staff. This concept can be introduced through various ways like using technology or conducting seminars or training programs that will bring everyone together. The employer can also facilitate informal peer interaction along with encouraging them to give feedback on each other’s work.  

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