Modern medicine is no short of a miracle. With the latest technology bringing something new to the plate every day. It was only a matter of time before we faced smartphones that were smarter and much more intelligent technology. The latest that we are hearing from the tech med world. Is that now, your smartphone can identify and check whether the carrier is about to have a heart attack or not, and if yes, how serious it is.  The whole invention came about with the international study that was led by scholars and researchers from the Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City.

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What the study found?

According to the study, if a smartphone is monitoring regular heart activity of a user, then it should also be able to identify the symptoms of STEMI. STEMI basically stands for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction. In common words, a kind of heart attack where the artery is absolutely totally choked.

The study indicates that the accuracy of this kind of an app on a smartphone could be as good as a 12 lead ECG (Electrocardiogram). This is the test that is used to determine a heart attack. According to senior researchers, this app could be a new kind of breakthrough in medicine. And could definitely help in saving lives.

How did this app work?

The primary thing about a heart attack is if you can get a timely notice. In many cases, loss of life due to a heart attack is because one doesn’t realize about the attack. The sooner you know you are undergoing a heart attack.

This app can help in saving a lot of lives because it will help in ensuring that the doctors can get working on the patient immediately. What’s more, it doesn’t raise false alarms and scare people when there is no heart attack actually happening.

AliveCor: Heart attack detecting app

AliveCor is the application that helps smartphones detect heart attacks. The basic idea for this kind of an app came from the concept of how treadmills are used for fitness. Basically, a lot of people who use the treadmill wear fitness watches or other electronic health monitoring devices that allow the chips in the device to calculate heart rate etc.

Syncing these devices with the smartphones has definitely made it very easy for the people. To judge how their heart is performing. Now, incorporating a whole new technology along with this existing technology. That has been able to provide the world with this new miracle of an application.

Why is this app so important?

There are two major reasons why this app has gained so much popularity. Amongst the notable who’s who of the medical profession.

The first reason is the fact that it drastically reduces the time that is involved in giving the patient medical attention. The “door to balloon” time is very critical when it comes to the patient’s survival chances. If it is less than 90 minutes, the patient has a high chance of survival.

The second advantage is the fact that the app is a much cheaper alternative to get an ECG done at a clinic or a hospital. It is there with the patient on his phone. And he doesn’t need to spend a fortune on having to go through the motions of taking an appointment at the clinic. Paying for the doctor’s visit etc.

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