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Skincare Routine to Stick to When Travelling

Skincare Routine to Stick to When Travelling

Your skin won’t feel or look the same when you’re spending time in your hometown and on the road. The climate you live in and the one you’ll be going to when travelling differ a lot which can potentially wreak havoc on your skin if you’re not attentive enough. That’s why you should know exactly what to pay attention to if you want to prevent breakouts, flaky and irritated skin when travelling.

Keep moisturizers at hand

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If you opt for airplane transport, you’ll need plenty of hydration within arm’s reach. The plane cabins are filled with very dry air and any moisture that is temporarily found on the plane will soon be gone, which is why you’ll need to keep moisturizing in order to prevent dried-out skin. Put a hand cream in your carry-on and reapply it to your hands and feet whenever possible. Ultra-hydrating products will offer both anti-age care and make your skin supple.

Use sheet masks instead of serums

Serums are often impractical to pack, which is why you should opt for sheet masks instead. Not only will you not have to worry about the bottle breaking and serum spilling all over your belongings, but you’ll need much less room for a few sheet masks than for a bottle of hydrating serum. Furthermore, you won’t have to use a sheet mask every night, unlike serums which you should apply every morning and night. Sheet masks are soaked in so much serum, that two masks a week would be more than enough to offer your skin all the hydration and care it needs. If you hit an extreme weather change, feel free to apply masks more than two times a week.

Clean the skin thoroughly

To avoid breakouts and keep the skin flawless, it’s essential that you keep the skin clean. With natural skincare brandsyou’ll achieve maximum freshness and offer your skin maximum cleansing. Use a cleansing foam to rid the face of germs and dirt that’s been accumulating on the face all day long. If you’ve put makeup on too, remove the residue with micellar water and use a face cleansing brush to make sure your face is squeaky clean. Finish up the routine with a face toner to make your skin feel and look clean and radiant.

Have a beauty kit with you at all times

As previously mentioned, dry air and different climate can take a toll on your skin, which is why you should always have cleaning and hydrating products at hand to prevent a catastrophe. If you decide to put some makeup on before your flight, you’ll need the best makeup remover for your skin, preferably an all skin type-friendly micellar water. This way, you won’t have to worry about not washing your face as you’re used to. A hydrating moisturizer with SPF, a mist spray and lip balm are other essentials that should always be in your carry-on so you can reapply during the flight and after you land, whenever you feel that your skin needs some 9-1-1.

Don’t forget to hydrate from the inside

Without hydrating from the inside, all the products you apply will be for naught. That’s why you should drink plenty of water during your trip to compensate for the lost liquid through perspiration but to also offer your skin that plump supple look only good hydration can give. Bring a reusable bottle with you, and keep it filled so that you can sip some water throughout the day.

Keeping your skin clean and healthy during a trip can be challenging, but if you stick to our suggestions, you’ll manage to keep it flawless all year long. Don’t forget to clean it well, always hydrate and protect it with SPF and moisturizing masks. Do that, and you won’t have to worry about your complexion being flaky or dull.

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