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7 Simple Ways to Make Your Website More Visible

7 Simple Ways to Make Your Website More Visible

The number of sites that are created daily to work on the network is growing every day, which means that the competition is becoming even more serious. However, the rules for promoting sites in search engines remain the same for everyone. In this article, we suggest that you do not go into the technical details of SEO optimization, and instead, give you a list of simple ways to improve your site’s visibility so that you can do it yourself.

Evaluate Your Content with a Fresh Look

Most likely, your site already contains several articles, but unfortunately, they do not work. Therefore, let’s get back to them again. Here are a few issues that may be present on your site:

  • articles do not contain keywords
  • articles contain too popular, or vice versa, almost unused key queries. In the first case, it will be unrealistic to break into the top, in the second it will take a huge amount of time until the site is indexed by low-frequency queries.
  • your articles do not contain headings and subheadings, they are not convenient for perception
  • your site contains duplicate content.

Obviously, if you have these problems, you need to review your SEO approaches and make your content more structured. This is a minimum program, and futher we will discuss more issues. 

Rework Your Headings

The headline is a simultaneous signal for both your users and search engines. And if your headlines are not attractive, do not contain key queries and do not encourage users to at least read the article, this means they do not fulfill their key functions. Therefore, you need to evaluate your headlines with a fresh look. First of all, put yourself in the user’s place and ask – will I read an article with this heading?

In addition, it is possible to measure the attractiveness and effectiveness of the header using the Headline Analyzer. This tool evaluates the title on its scale and shows how convenient it is for users and Google to perceive it.

Rework Your Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions are also important because they perform the functions of attracting and improving search results at the same time. Try to find a middle ground, and add key queries in such a way that your title and description did not lose attractiveness, but rather stimulated users to open your pages.

Add Some Backlinks

In addition to content and behavioral factors, Google also evaluates the presence of backlinks to your site. Their presence indicates that your resource is worthy of attention. Here are some ways to start building up your link mass.

Register Your Business in Directories

This method is suitable for business sites. Register your company in Google My Business, and you will receive the first link, which will be free but quite effective.

Add Some Comments on Forums

This is another free way to get backlinks. It is very important here to systematically leave a few comments a day. If you start spamming, or vice versa, take a long break, Google may recognize this as a fraudulent way to get links.

Therefore, go to Quora or Reddit every day, look for topics that are specific to your site, give answers to questions and leave a link to the site. Be sure to keep your link as organic as possible, but not promotional or intrusive.

Create Guest Posts (And Gain More Audience as Well)

Guest posting is the oldest, most expensive, but the most effective way to get backlinks. Most often, guest posting means spending time and labor on creating content for publication. Plus, it is necessary to find suitable sites for posting your article.

And if you definitely have to work with the content yourself (well, or hire a content writer), then it is possible to facilitate the search for a third-party resource using the Adsy guest posting service. Using this portal, you can find the most targeted sites, and the new target audience that will come to your site through the link will pay off your investment in creating guest content.

Use the Potential of Social Media

Links to the site on social networks are not indexed by search engines as backlinks, so we specifically put this advice in a separate paragraph. However, social networks have good potential to help improve a site’s position through improved behavioral factors. For this,

  • be sure to add the link to your site in the bio or in the profile header in the social network
  • develop a motivating call to action and encourage users to visit your site
  • create intrigue. For example, you can publish some interesting material on a social network, and invite users to learn more on the site.
  • run the contest. Here is another idea – to launch a competition, the conditions of which is to leave a request for participation on the site.
  • put social sharing buttons on the site. The reverse method also works – users who have visited the site may want to know more about you on social networks, and then return to the site again.

Add Video with Transcription

This is a fairly fresh way to promote your pages in search results using a video that contains transcription. If you still have not started using at least just a video for promotion, unfortunately, you have already lost a lot. Let’s urgently fix this in the most advanced ways.

You need to make a video about your activity and think over an interesting scenario. Your script will be your transcription to the video. In addition, you need to make this scenario SEO optimized so that search engines can correctly recognize your video. Search engines will begin to better recognize your video, and users having the opportunity to read and watch at the same time will spend more time on the site, watch the video more deeply, improving behavioral factors.

Add Visuals with Alt Tags

By analogy with video transcription, you need to tell the search engine what is shown on the images contained on your site. To do this, you also need to use key queries, plus try to keep the main idea of the picture as much as possible. By writing alt tags to photos and pictures on the site, you simultaneously give Google a signal to index them and display them as a result of the search in the corresponding section.

Marie Barnes is a writer for Bestforacar and an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging. Follow her on Medium.

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