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10 Simple Tips to Manage Stress and Ace your Exam

10 Simple Tips to Manage Stress and Ace your Exam

Did you ever have to undergo a nerve-racking experience when you were drenched in sweat because of your exams? Often, students who are under immense stress, experience shortness of breath coupled with excruciating headaches. In fact,many students complain of being unwell during exams such low energy, insomnia, chest pain, tense muscle and anger.These all are symptoms associated with teenage exam stress.

In 2018, a survey was conducted by National Education Union to study the condition of students who were preparing for their exam. The survey made some startling revelations. According to the survey, over 56% of youngsters had been thinking of self-harm and more than 27% pupils attempted suicide due to academic pressure.

Did you ever think that renowned authors and brilliant scientists worked so hard and succeeded in their field without having to bear chronic stress? This is why it is important to identify the causes of stress and beat it.

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This article will give you some meaningful tips to reduce stress during exam. Let’s take a sneak peek.

How to Beat Exam Stress – Top Tips

1. Chalk out a plan for studies

A disorderly study routine will not only minimize your chances of success, but also take a toll on your health. One of the reasons of exam stress is procrastination. Hence it is vital that you make an effective study routine before your exam and dedicate sufficient time to your studies. A study plan keeps you focused and averts panic attacks.

You must set realistic targets for each subject and the time period needed to achieve that target. In this way, you can prevent your mind from getting cluttered with stressful thoughts and work hard towards achieving your everyday goal.

2. Take a break

Taking small breaks during study rejuvenates your mind and increases your productivity. According to a research, an average mind cannot retain any information after studying for forty minutes. Brain scientists suggest that students should take a break after every fifty to ninety minutes for a span of twenty minutes

Continuous study can result in severe burn-out and may weaken your focus.

3. Exercise self-compassion

We all fell short sometimes. That’s ok! Remember you need to be compassionate towards yourself and forgive yourself for not meeting your commitments. As long as you try hard, there’s is no shame in failing. So, keep your chin up.

4. Take deep breaths

Taking long, deep breaths during the study and before the exam can do wonders for you. It sharpens the focus and reduces anxiety and stress level. Deep breathing helps in achieving stable state of relaxation which in turn boosts your memory.

5. Get enough sleep

Quit staying awake at night before your exam. Getting enough sleep is extremely important for all students. When you sleep, your brain stores information that you have retained for your exam and also boosts your long-term memory. Getting adequate rest is a key to keeping your mind and body fresh.

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6. Keep changing your study area

One of the best tips to avoid stressful thoughts and keeping yourself motivated is to shift rooms or places while preparing for exam. You can take your books to a park or a library instead of getting locked up in your room during your exam.

7. Keep in touch with your friends

You may keep in touch with your friends so that you can share the knowledge that you have studied during exam and test each other. Also, talking to your friends will keep you motivated and relieve stress.

8. Exercise regularly

You can take a break from watching your favorite Netflix series, but you should not take break from exercises. It is important to stick to your exercise regimen during your exam as it keeps you active. Go for a stroll or swimming at least thrice a week or perform yoga. Exercise beats stress.

9. Restrict intake of caffeine:

High intake of caffeine can increase the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your body. Therefore, try your best to limit your caffeine intake during your exams.

10. Do something for fun

Even during your hardest exam, you must take out time to do something that you enjoy. This may include painting or playing your pet.

It is not unusual to feel stressed during exams. However, you must ensure that stress doesn’t affect your productivity and morale negatively. If you stick by these above mentioned tips, you may manage stress effectively and ace your exam.

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