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Simple Office Yoga To Boost Your Concentration At Work

Simple Office Yoga To Boost Your Concentration At Work

21st century is the era of modernization, every person is busy, working 24 X 7 hours. For these people going for daily yoga sessions for physical fitness is viable. They only have an option for office desk yoga during their office hours. After long working hours in office, professionals need to take some rest for the refreshment. So, the concept of office yoga is only the savior for these professionals. 

Some of the practices that professionals can practice during their office hours are meditation, breathing exercises and free body postures. The constant pressure of office works, deadlines and continuous sitting for long hours in ac rooms often make the professionals tired and fatigue. So, here are some tips for the office desk yoga which will help you to gain focus at your work. You can also search for more Yoga Courses in Goa. 

Some of the office desk yoga postures that you can practice during your office hours: – 

Crescent Moon pose in Seating position:  

After sitting for long hours in front of the computers, the body tends to attain crunches in the neck and shoulders that leads to chronic discomfort. This posture helps you return to your work with a clear mind and better focus. 

Stretching your wrist and fingers: 

office yoga

Working officials need to involve their fingers to work. So, the desk work brings the muscle tension and finger tendons. So, it is advised that you should stretch your muscles and fingers in every two to three hours between your working hours. 

You just need to place your arms on the working desk and then counter stretch your fingers and muscles. Yoga alliance teacher training Goa will help you to learn this posture.

Pigeon Pose while sitting: 

Sitting for long time in the chair especially when pressure is given on one side, it creates an imbalance in the hips and the spine. This Chair Pigeon pose will help you overcome with the pain in your hips and spine. 

You just need to keep your one foot flat with the ground and other feet at 90 degree on the knee. This helps to create a proper balance in your bones and in the lower portion of the body. 

Half sitting and standing pose: 

After sitting for a long time in the seat losses the motivation to get back again and to concentrate to your work. This posture will help you to make your leg and hip muscles flexible. You need to seat on the chair so that you can get a support and then bend your knees at an angle of 90 degree while keeping your leg flat with the ground. 

Then stand back again straight for few seconds. Repeat this posture for consecutively many times so that your neck, hip and the back portion of your body gets relief. 

Chaturanga with the help of office desk: 

Many officials think that yoga practice in office area is nearly impossible. But you can do your Yoga practice with the help of your office desk. With the help of your office desk you can do your yoga pushups. 

Alike your regular push ups you can take the support of your office desk instead of the ground and can continue your pushups. This will soften the muscles around your neck and will help you to relax. 

Desk dog Pose: 

After practicing the above pose, you need to practice this pose so that your chest muscles be flexible enough. Like Chaturanga yoga you need to stretch your arms and keep your desk as the support, then lowering the hip with respect to the desk and then again refraining the lower back with the help of the legs. You need to stretch your chest while you lift your chin and hold your breadth for 5 to 10 times. 

Office desk plank pose: 

This posture is quite similar to the posture of Chaturanga. You don’t have to climb the desk, still you can plank with the help of your office desk. You need to keep your hands and shoulder wider and step your feet directly under the hips and then stretch your back. This posture will give you a pleasant and soothing feeling. 

The above are some of the yoga poses and styles that you can practice in between your tough office hours or working schedule. The yoga postures that are mentioned above are less time consuming and can be easily done or practiced in your office area or workplace. 

The Yoga teacher training in Goa not only teaches you the yoga postures to be a Yoga teacher but will also help you to practice Yoga during your working hours. If you want to know more about the yoga postures and styles elaborately. 

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