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Seven Stars in Kyushu Japan – Luxury Train Japan

Seven Stars in Kyushu Japan – Luxury Train Japan

Kyushu railway company in Japan launched a cruse train named seven star since 2013.the train is made up of seven coaches , that’s why the name is seven star. The Seven Stars speaks to what train travel ought to be: an excursion astounding for the separation secured, yet for the movement experience itself. 

This extravagance train is similar to such legendary trains as the Orient Express and the Blue Train as far as administration and sheer magnificence. The Seven Stars heads out permitting you to look out at the landscape that advances before your eyes. 

Consider your life, consider the new experiences that are to come, and treat yourself to a lavish time to your heart’s content. The train moves at agreeable pace, inviting wayfarers to consider the quietness of Kyushu. The inside, with unpretentious yet lavish stylistic theme, with highlights by neighborhood craftsman’s, is similarly as helpful for unwinding. There are two distinctive excursion lengths, a two-the very beginning night visit, just as a four-day three-night journey, and both are intended to grandstand the excellence and marvel of this wonderful island. 

On the Seven Stars, travelers can appreciate the delightful Kyushu landscape as it streams by their windows. The seminars on the Seven Stars are features of the best that Kyushu brings to the table. The train doesn’t simply push through the excursion. 

At specific focuses travelers will land from the train to take an interest in journeys, making this train another sort of movement experience. 


This route is a 4-day venture through 5 out of the 7 prefectures of Kyushu: Fukuoka, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Kumamoto. The arrangement incorporates a 1-night remain at a ryokan (customary Japanese motel) at Yufuin City, which is a standout amongst other onsen (underground aquifer) resorts on the island. 

A suitable arrangement for visitors who wish to go through their evenings on just as off the train . its first goal is Moji Port, where Kyushu’s first railroad organization was built up at the northern tip of Fukuoka Prefecture. From that point, travelers will encounter nearby specialty from Kunisaki, Oita, all to encounter a day loaded up with history and sentiment of movement. 

Starting and completing at the Hakata Station, Seven star Kyushu train works on multi day and 4-day round voyages through Kyushu. Along the route, mentor visits will be accommodated different stations. It is a 4 Days/3 Nights venture which goes around 5 spots like Fukuoka, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Kumamoto. The route joins a significant number of Kyushu’s key locales. 


The trip will take you to green and amazing scenes of Kyushu. There will be stops like the origin of Japanese porcelain, stratovolcano Mount Yufu, the noteworthy Edo-period boulevards of Mimitsu, the biggest spring of gushing lava on the planet that is Volcania caldera. The sloping volcanic scene of Kyushu is loaded up with visual show, while the hidden geography energizes a loosening up culture of characteristic spa and solid open air exercises. 

Beds are agreeable and long and each room contained an extensive en-suite restroom. It will give you the peaceful effect of harmony and a delightful venture of hand painted fired bowl and wood-lined shower and a completely mechanized latrine. The insides of the Seven Stars are totally secured with wood, Japanese maple richly carved in the suites, cypress scented in the showers, glossy pecan floors. 

This four-day venture around Kyushu goes through five prefectures – Fukuoka, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Kumamoto. The agenda joins huge numbers of Kyushu’s key destinations. 

You will, for example, remain in Yufuin Onsen, one of Kyushu’s chief conventional ryokans. This full circle of northern Kyushu goes through Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto. 

Day 1 – Arita: earthenware from Arita has a multi year history. A few models are ready the train. Of this 2 are enormous deluxe suites which can oblige up to 3 visitors. 

Deluxe Suite A 

It acquires 226 square feet of area and known as the biggest in the Kyushu seven stars. The furniture like floor, dividers, roof and other furniture is comprised of pear wood. This room likewise encourages a private projector with a choice of DVDs. Different offices like complimentary wireless internet, cooling, minibar, private en-suite with latrine, front work area phone, cypress-framed shower slow down are given in the room. Indian luxury trains, such as the Maharaja Express train also have luxury cabins which are named Deluxe cabin, Presidential suite, Junior suite and Suite cabin. Read here in details about cabins of Maharaja Express.

Deluxe Suite B 

It has been the next greatest guestroom which holds up a area of 183 square feet. For the floor, dividers, furniture of the primary room are furnished with rosewood. En-suite washroom and room are very much outfitted with maple. It contains porcelain washbasin, work area phone, free Wi-Fi, central air conditioning system, minibar, private en-suite with latrine and many other things you will definitely want them to be where it is.  

Suite Rooms 

The rooms acquire 108 squarefeet which can easily hold up 2 visitors at a time. Along with this it has 12 rooms out of which 3 rooms are for highly useful motives and comforts and delightful plans. Every one of these rooms has been carefully outfitted by neighborhood craftsman’s. If you stroll down through the corridor you can come across different types of materials has been used for different floors along with which you can see porcelain washbasin, work area phone, free Wi-Fi, central air conditioning system, minibar, private en-suite with latrine and many other things you will definitely want them to be where it is. 

Eating Car 

All the cooking styles are made of regular fixings which will change consistently. An extraordinary, inviting however unadorned help describes the culinary involvement with the seven-star Jupiter feasting car. Appreciate the best of Kyushu, arranged by the gourmet specialist and served by the steward. 


It has 2 extra deluxe rooms along with 12 cabins and 5 sleeper class. The shrewd structure and high roof will make the room agreeable. During the day, the twin beds are little couches and a work area runs along a divider. There will extra offices in the cabin like phone, A/C, disposition lighting.

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