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7 Steps to Setup Install Canon Printer

7 Steps to Setup Install Canon Printer

Before a printer could work perfectly fine and okay, it’ll require installation. Without the installation of printer drivers, a printer will only be useless and you will not even enjoy using it at all. 

Meanwhile, you can install the printer’s driver software by inserting the installation disc of the printer or better still you can as well download the drivers that are exactly for your printer online over the manufacturer’s website. 

7 Steps to Setup and Install Canon Printer

To install canon printer is quite tricky, but it’s as well simple if you know exactly how to go about it. Well, to cut the chase real quick; I would be highlighting some steps you need to follow to perfectly and successfully install your printer. So, if you are a canon printer user and you’ve been searching up and down on how to install your Canon printer, this is the best platform for you

Turn on your devices: – 

To start the installation process of your canon printer or any printer in general, the very first move to take is to; turn on the printer and the computer itself. Then you can now proceed to the next procedures on how to set up and as well install a canon printer. 

Connect the printer to the computer: –

After you might have turned on your printer, the next thing to do is to connect your printer and your computer. You can connect your printer as well as your computer either by cable or wirelessly. If you are having a wireless or a wired printer, the procedures may be quite different but still, the steps will remain the same. 

Wired Printers: – 

As for wired printers, you can attach a cable to connect the printer to the computer for communication between them.  

Wireless Printers: – 

Wireless printers can be connected to the computer either through utilizing Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi.

Go to printer settings on your computer: –

Now after installing the printer’s software, the next level is to control the way your printer communicates with your computer by going to the printer and device settings on your computer.

Install the printer’s software: – 

If after you may have ensured a successful connection between the computer and the printer, now at this point, all you have to do is to proceed to the next level which is to install the printer’s software. The installation of the printer’s software can either be by utilizing the installation disc or by downloading the printer’s software on the manufacturer’s website. For downloading the printer’s software online, you have to ensure that the software you are about to download is the actual match of your printer. 

Install the printer’s driver: – 

The printer’s driver is more or less the heart that makes your printer to be able to function as a printer and as well able to communicate with the computer. In most cases, 75% of errors affecting a printer are due to missing or obsolete drivers. What do I mean to say in essence? All I meant to say is that drivers are very much important for the optimum performance of a printer. Therefore, install the latest printer’s driver software and make sure to update the drivers from time to time. 

Install the printer’s cartridge: – 

Ensure to install the printer’s cartridge and then add some papers on the printer’s paper tray rack.

Test the printer: – 

If after you might have completed the above-listed guides, now at this point you have to test your printer. You can test run your printer by clicking on the “test page command. If you are using a Windows computer, you can get the test page command by the below-listed procedures 

  1. Press the Windows button. The windows button is two buttons away from the space bar to the left-hand side of the keyboard. It’s having a four waving flags on it. 
  2. Type for device and printers in the search bar and then click enter. 
  3. Right-click on the specific printer you are installing.
  4. Click on properties 
  5. Click on the test page command. 

Note: – 

By following the above-listed procedures, you should be able to get comfortable and successfully install a canon printer without any stress or any help from anyone. But if in a case whereby you are still unable to install and setup your printer after following the above-listed steps, then you should contact the canon printer support  for advance instructions on how to install and setup your printer either at your home or office. 

Conclusion: – 

I hope that you find this article helpful and I as well believe that by now you’re able to install your printer without contacting the canon printer support. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more write-ups from our side. Till then……stay blessed.  

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