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10 Secrets of Professional SEO Article Writing

10 Secrets of Professional SEO Article Writing

Some of the SEO writers did not take up any training or lectures to learn about SEO. They are usually seen going through blogs or articles in order to learn about the new trends in SEO. 

Excellent writing practices are always changing and being updated and there is no end to it. However, there are always things that you need to learn and keep in mind when it comes to SEO writing. This is not like simple online essay writing

Here are the 10 things that you need know if you want your SEO articles to stand out:

Does anyone care what you’re writing?

The most important thing when you are writing an SEO article is to see who is reading or who cares about what you are writing. Always write this on a sticky note and place it on your desk so that it reminds you about your key focus and so you write amazing articles always. This is not just a question, it’s something that will remind you of what the main purpose of writing this article is. 

When you start writing ask yourself if you know that this content will go viral, if not, you need to start looking into the topic more to create an amazing article

Write about things that matter 

You should always choose the topics that can attract your audience and make people read what you are writing. The SEO article should be interesting and eye catching. This varies for everyone. For instance, if you are a business you need to post about the things that interest your clients and customers. You can always use the help of keywords while writing your articles. You may conduct a research on what keywords you want to use in your article that can interest your readers. 

It’s not always important to have matching keywords 

When writing an SEO article, it is not always important that you go with the matching keywords. This is so outdated now. This always does not help you get clients or customers. 

Keyword density 

Do you know exactly that how many times do you have to use keywords in an article? Well there is no exact number however it is said that 2.5 percent of the total article should include the keywords. One thing that should be looked after is that the keywords should not be stuffed in the article. They should be used in an appropriate amount always. Using too many keywords can at times ruin the quality of your sentences in the article. It is always best that you make use of an appropriate number of keywords. 

The title should be written in the end 

This is the most pivotal piece of the page or blog, the title of the article. You can attract your readers with your feature, at that point it’s on the lead sentence to keep it. 

Such a large number of individuals start a blog conversationally. Also, to be exact they are considered to be very boring. 

Don’t just kill the lead

This is the main issue with the present online substance. A title or feature will pose an inquiry, at that point not answer it until the finish of the blog. This is called covering the lead. 

Now and then it’s a strategy to get individuals to peruse the entire page. In some cases, it’s basically terrible composition. 

In either case, don’t do it. Individuals won’t stay on the off chance that they can’t discover what they were guaranteed. There are many different online journals out there that can offer it to them.

Speak to your audience directly 

Utilize a similar verbiage that your crowd uses to talk straightforwardly to them. 

You can discover these words doing likewise look into you utilized during your watchword inquire about. On the off chance that they state their concern is baffling, utilize that in your substance.

Change your image 

Truly, the essayist is frequently accountable for advancing the picture. That implies you should add the catchphrase to your: 

  • Caption 
  • Description 
  • File name 

You will be astounded the amount SEO power that can open.

Quote carefully

Indeed, statements can add trustworthiness to a story. Be that as it may, they can likewise get you in a difficult situation in the event that you utilize an excessive number of statements Google considers it to be copy content, or from the first source, in the event that you don’t characteristic it accurately. It’s in every case preferable to summarize over to cite.

Always proofread

Proofreading whatever you write in an article is extremely important. There are minor mistakes in your article that can make it look bad however, by proofreading it you can lessen the percentage of these mistakes. Make sure that you proofread yourself and then you can ask a friend or a colleague. Articles proofread by humans are far better as compared to the computer. 

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