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SEO Service In India: A Guide To Search Engine Optimization

SEO Service In India: A Guide To Search Engine Optimization

In this fast-paced and technologically driven world, the Internet plays a vital role. Any information, an essay for school homework or reading about a celebrity, everyone seeks help from the Internet. Every time a keyword is searched, millions of results emerge within a few milliseconds. The websites that come up in the order that they do rely on a certain mechanism which helps them compete against each other to be ranked at the top. This mechanism refers to SEO. 

Before looking at the types, one must understand what exactly SEO is and why it is important in today’s modern-day search engines. 

Coming to the types of SEO service in India, there are two main categories: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Just like everything in the universe has another spectrum, White Hat is the ‘good’ technique, and Black Hat is the technique that is disapproved by search engines.


It uses systems and strategies to improve the web page rankings of a site which don’t violate the search engine (primarily Google) rules and guidelines.  It is based on the content and information provided on the web page and relates it to what the user is looking for. The more the relevant keywords in the content, the higher the ranking and higher the number of people visiting the website. It is one of the most used techniques and utilizes high-quality content and optimization using manual research. This method may not result in tremendous rankings in a short time, but one can anticipate a slow yet steady growth that is effective in the long run. It is an honest way of getting a high ranking. 


It is the opposite of White Hat SEO and is like the antagonist in a movie. This technique makes use of trickery and deceit to get higher rankings in a short amount of time. It ignores the guidelines laid down by search engines like Google and goes against them to exploit various loopholes in the algorithm for a better ranking. Some of these SEO techniques include hidden keywords, text and links, keyword stuffing and cloaking. It is a manipulative way of increasing ranking and is not encouraged. Moreover, the traffic and growth of the website will be quick but momentary and unpredictable. 

 Apart from these, another type called Grey Hat SEO falls in the middle of these main categories. 


It neither uses Black Hat SEO technique nor the White Hat SEO technique. It combines both mechanisms which help websites acquire some benefits of Black Hat SEO without being completely dishonest. 

One must be aware of the various kinds of SEO service in India before using them and decide which one they want to follow. Ideally, the SEO which abides by the rules of the search engine without any deceitful methods should be adopted. One must think about the SEO that would not just offer short term traffic but also benefit in the long run. It would help in the growth of the company and that too, with fair means.  

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