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SEO Mistakes Small Business Must Avoid for Getting the Maximum Instagram Likes

SEO Mistakes Small Business Must Avoid for Getting the Maximum Instagram Likes

One of the best ways of generating online traffic to the website, in addition to advertising, is search engine optimization that results in the top of the search results page position for targeted keywords. While many online marketers understand the vital importance of SEO when applied to their websites, many have no idea that it can be as useful on Instagram despite its visual nature. 

Benefits of Social Media SEO

SEO techniques applied to social media platforms, including Instagram that are most popular with businesses, both large and small, can help them to raise brand awareness, promote products and services, enhance sales, and boost the level of engagement. Pages on Instagram that are optimized well can attract more followers, drive a higher level of engagement, and achieve a better ranking in search engine results pages. Even though Instagram SEO is not very difficult to implement, the lack of knowledge and appreciation of how Instagram works results in many marketers making mistakes that dilute the effort and the investment. Some of the common SEO mistakes marketers on Instagram must take care to avoid:

Instagram Page Lacks Cohesiveness 

Instagram marketing can be successful only when the page has the desired cohesiveness. This means that the content that you upload to your Instagram account should have uniformity extending to the visual aspect, posting timing, manner, and tone of the captions, and usage of hashtags. However, achieving consistency in your posts can take time because you need to establish which among each of the many variables like captions style, tag relevance, grid layout, posting frequency, etc. is right for your target audience. Maintaining a regular and consistent posting frequency is important especially after making sure of the time when your followers are the most active. The perfect time for posting content and the ideal posting frequency can only be established with some amount of experimentation. Since this can take time, you can buy real active Instagram followers from an established digital marketing company to speed up the process of getting to a critical mass of followers.

Not Using the Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a very important feature of Instagram marketing since they are the only way users can search for the content of their choice. This means that hashtags need to be optimized as using hashtags that are not relevant to your business or even specific posts can result in their poor visibility in Instagram searches performed by users. You can optimize the hashtags by finding out which ones are the most popular with users across different accounts in the same sector and which ones describe your posts the best. Using one of the hashtag discovery tools online will turn up the different hashtag combinations, your competition is using from where you will need to figure out which ones are the most relevant for your posts. However, using the most popular hashtags is not a good idea as your posts will then get buried under an avalanche of results. If you have an established brand, using a branded hashtag can be very productive because many users will fire searches containing your brand name. It is also very important to use the optimum number of hashtags in every post to increase the chances of discovery; however, varying the hashtags helps as using the same set can get you penalized by Instagram, which may interpret the posts as spam.

Not Changing the Location Tags

If you are a business that offers its products and services across various geographical locations, it is important to keep on changing the location tags regularly so that you can attract the attention of potential customers. Even if you are a sing location business, making use of the location tag creatively can help you to raise the profile of the business and attract a larger volume of traffic. According to, businesses achieve higher engagement when their posts include a tagged location compared to the ones without a location tag.

Not Making the Username Searchable 

Many marketers think that by making the username gimmicky, they will be able to make it more memorable, however, in reality, the best results are obtained when the username is distinctive while being short and readable. Make sure that the username makes sense to potential customers so that they know what your business is and resist the urge to include meaningless symbols to make it stand out. Writing the username in the language most likely to be used by potential customers helps a lot.


If you are aware of the general practice and implementation of SEO techniques for driving traffic to the website, SEO for Instagram will not be unfamiliar territory. You need to able to appreciate the way Instagram is structured and how users are likely to search for information and implement content management and SEO accordingly. In the process, it is important to avoid the common mistakes that can make it difficult to fulfill your Instagram marketing objectives.  

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