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Best Things to Learn About Selenium Training

Best Things to Learn About Selenium Training

Nisha works in a banking domain. Her product streamlines business crucial workflows for banking organizations. Her product has difficult and complex workflows which are achieved by traversing through different forms and screens of the web application. Presently she does a lot of manual testing work. Now her business has moved to faster releases. The development team seems to manage with it but the testing team started lagging behind. Nisha has started to understand that her lot of time wastes in identifying older functionality. So, she starts omitting some parts of it. And then what happens – one fine day her dear customer calls and says, hello there, I am not able to edit loans as a manager. A DANGEROUS BUG!

When she realizes this and comes to know that Bugs are slipping through her while manual testing as she is crushed by the speed of releases. This makes her frustrated.

Here comes her need for Automation

The above seems to be every tester’s story at some given point of time. Which automation tool to choose is another struggle for the testers. When it comes to choosing anything among a lot of given choices, we all are selective. The same way when it comes to picking the right tool, we become even choosier. When you implement automation testing, you will find a selection of tools to assist you. But why choose Selenium? That’s your choice – but I can give you some rock-solid reasons that will help you you to know that Selenium is one of the best automation tools you can start your automation career with.

Selenium is such a distinct testing package that organizations across the globe have started using this tool for testing software applications altering from the easy to the highly complex ones. Its awesome features which we are discussing below makes this testing tool provide the best of the best when it comes to testing automation.

The most important feature of selenium tool is its Open Source Availability

Selenium being an open-source tool is free with no upfront costs and publicly accessible automation framework. This feature of selenium helps you to modify the code for better management of code. Selenium has turned out to be the most trustworthy web automation tool as creating test scripts to authenticating functionality – everything has become easy.

Selenium’s another awesome feature includes that it is congruent with all the browsers available – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge – Selenium Training in Chennai script works well with all the stated browsers. Rewriting scripts are not necessary for every browser – for all browsers just one script – that’s it.

The automation tool that you are using should be capable to support different operating system – Selenium just does that. OS like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix etc – Selenium supports and works with all the above Operating systems. Selenium test suites build over any platform can execute in any other platform as well.

Selenium is very user-friendly. If you face any problems or need support with this tool – there is a huge community readily available to help you. Just ask your questions and you receive 100s of solutions to the same. This Active community of selenium users constantly releases updates and upgrades as well. If you plan to master in Automation tool – Selenium – Your one and only destination are TestLeaf.  Their example based teachings with complete practical classes make sure you understand and are able to put in action what you are learning.

The projects that you do during the training gives you the confidence of solely handing a selenium project. Continuous practice is ensured by the daily home-works given by the trainers here. These trainers are highly experienced and thorough professionals. Their support and teachings towards the participants are full of compassion. They not only technically make you stronger but also their interview sessions make you self-reliant to go and crack interviews to achieve success by grabbing offer letters in your hand. Upskill and keep learning – that’s the mantra for all the testers to grow and prosper. Hope this article helped you – wish you luck!

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