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Facts Everyone Should Know About Selenium Training

Facts Everyone Should Know About Selenium Training

A recent update in the Automation world is the release of Selenium 4.0.  This marvellous tool has now grown as an industry standard for executing routine automated tests. With time, Selenium has seen a lot of changes since its origin in 2004 for ThoughtWorks.  Before we discuss here regarding Selenium training let us explore more on selenium tool and its features first. There is numerous automation tool already available in the market. It serves almost the same functions but then why Selenium Training in Chennai is so popular is what most of the testers may have in mind.

Let us find out –

1.  When a tester plans to pick a tool first and the foremost thing that he checks is whether the tool works and supports the language the tester knows. But with Selenium, you do not have that concern. Selenium is a tool which supports all important languages like Java, Python, C#, Ruby, JavaScript and Perl programming languages for software test automation. A tester can write scripts in any of the above programming languages thereafter it is converted into selenium compatible codes through Selenium. Selenium tool makes it easy for you to conduct automation testing without fretting about what language or framework support has to be used.

2. Being an open-source tool makes Selenium the most powerful tool. It is easily accessible and can be downloaded free.

3. It has multiple browser support and this feature makes it all the more ideal. Testers do no re-write scripts for every browser now.

4. Automation testing is basically intended to reduce the effort and save time. Selenium grid does that for you. It performs multiple tests at the same time which lessens the test execution time.

5. Selenium is very easy to implement. It has a very customer friendly interface. Moreover, it has a wide range of user community support. It is good if you are facing issues while working on the tool.

The above features and more makes it clear why Selenium is the most desired automation tool. If you have just started your career in testing or an experience manual tester who plans to have a great career in testing – then Selenium is the first step to climb.


When it comes to where and how to learn Selenium – the one go-getter destination is TESTLEAF.  They have created a path-breaking training history for Selenium in Chennai. The concepts they cover are made so easy to understand through examples that even if you do not have a programming background or knowledge you become thorough professionals in coding and programming by the end of their training program. Daily homework by the trainers makes sure that participants are working out daily. Repeated session through WebEx is a great help for people who miss out the session and also for those who would like to redo the topics.

Project days are the most incredible experience you with getting at TestLeaf as you work on real-time projects as a team with other participants. Testleaf not only helps you to make you technically stronger in automation but also focus on interview preparation and resume rebuilding. Overall, any software tester thinks to upskill – just enrol yourself at TestLeaf and put in your 100%. The trainers are all highly knowledgeable working professionals with 8+ years of experience. They train you and support you with a lot of patience and consideration. Even after the training, the placement support from TestLeaf is commendable.  Their success stories are in huge number. All that said, go get the best out of the BEST – that’s Testleaf. The best Selenium Training in Chennai  Good Luck!

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