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Take Advantage Of Selenium Training

Take Advantage Of Selenium Training

In recent times, there is improvement in the area of software engineering, applications are getting automated. Number of software system has been implemented as web-based applications which are very complex. As the software is susceptible to errors, there should be simple and automated way to test the software application. It is very difficult to test such complex web applications. Manual involvement and repetition of task can be reduced by using automation tools. Automation has become the necessity now.

The purpose of software testing is to locate mistakes and errors in a software application. Software testing consumes more than 50 % time of software development lifespan. To make the testing process easy, there are various programmed web testing tools available in the market.

Selenium is one of the powerful online web-based software testing tool which is helpful for both testers and developers. When compared to manual testing, automation testing is superior as it organizes the testing process. Selenium is an open source tool which is used for test automation of different types of online and real-time applications. It has abilities to function through different browsers and operating systems.

A quick glance of what are the advantages of automation testing:-

·         Saves time and money,

·         supports better test coverage,

·         Testing accuracy is enhanced

·         Cut-down the test cycle time,

·         Gives improved and faster test results

Automation testing is here to stay.  Demand for test automation engineer will keep increasing for sure with passing time. Selenium is extensively used by majority of software companies across the world. So, Automation testing career can be a spot-on career choice if you love doing it.

If you are a fresher who wants to start his testing career or an experienced manual tester who plans to get better opportunities – Selenium is the right choice. Selenium can to support several programming languages like Python, Pearl, Ruby, PHP, .NET (C#) and Java etc. Not only that Selenium Training in Chennai  provides the flexibility to reconsider tests, receive regular updates and can be easily combined with different testing environments like Hudson, Jenkins etc. The most widely and popularly used is Selenium with java as it has the best community support and most of the IT Companies use java language with selenium, hence opportunities for the same are also more. 

Since selenium being an open source tool lot of online videos, tutorials and trainings are available for the same.  But as per my experience I would advise you to get trained at a place where you get complete hands-on training under experienced trainers – TestLeaf is what I would suggest. You can excel in Selenium tool by getting a proper training and I personally suggest not to go for online trainings until you do not have a choice. To learn this tool under guidance of an expert who has vast knowledge about this tool and has also hands-on working experience in the same – would be the right way to go! I suggest Testleaf, Chennai to be the right destination for all your automation questions. From day 1 they give you hands-on training and their teaching are made easy by real time examples. Little bit of programming basics knowledge will help you pick up the training in an excellent way. You get to work on real time projects and you get complete knowledge of the tool from basics to advance concepts. End of the training they help you with interview preparation and also assist you to create an effective resume so that you are ready to compete and achieve success in the real world.  Once your Selenium training in Chennai is finished their support to find the best opportunity for you starts. Daily job postings are sent to you which are really helpful.

So, friends if you are talented and ready to work hard – sky is the limit for you. Happy Testing!

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