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Scope of Selenium in Future

Scope of Selenium in Future

Automation testing is surely and steadily replacing manual testing. Selenium is one most important and popular name that comes up when we talk about Automation testing.  What makes Selenium the number one choice of tester and developers is very clear with the below points

Being an Open Source tool

Selenium’s popularity is mainly due to this feature. It is an open source tool and easily accessible by anyone. Moreover, the large support this tool receives from its users across the globe makes it the most loved and sought-after tool.

Tool Cost is the main factor

When compared to other automation tools in the market – Selenium stands out in the first position majorly because of its cost factor. In today’s scenario when Companies look for cost cutting Selenium usages and implementation does not worry the testers. One does not have to pay anything to use this tool.  .

Why Selenium hope of Future Automation Testing

Businesses across the world are planning to improve the quality and performance of their apps so that their users get the best experience and this becomes possible with Selenium testing. The below features of Selenium make it a compulsory skill set that should be a part of a every tester up skilling graph.

∙         open source and free tool

∙         it supports any OS and Web Browser

∙         Works with all the programming language

∙         Problems can be easily resolved with large user community support.

Since its origin – Selenium has grown and seen a tremendous growth in market share. Demand for Selenium automation testers have increased twofold and will definitely keep on increasing. If you are a manual tester then the first step towards your career growth is certainly – Selenium. Once you get an opportunity and a career in automation testing, you can plan to upskill with various other tools like Appium – which is a mobile testing tool derived from selenium or Performance testing tools like JMeter or Loadrunner or learn webservices. Knowledge in all these additional tools definitely keep you ahead in the tough competition in testing market but without Selenium Training in Chennai all these would not work for you.

Learning Selenium becomes easy if you have some basic knowledge in programming. You do not need to be a Java expert to learn this tool.  To get a real in-depth knowledge on Selenium you need to get best trainers who have real time experience working on this tool. Theoretical knowledge never works. The best for automation training is TestLeaf. Reasons are many – let me tell you few of them here. TestLeaf trainers are all real time working professionals with expertise on the tool with 8+ years of experience. They start the training from basic selenium and java concepts and their sessions are completely hands-on. From installations of software to real-time projects everything you do yourself on your own laptops. They ensure you get thorough practice on each concept by providing you daily home-works and assignments. Their training method is world-class and you will nowhere find a dedicated faculty who go out of their way to support you during the classroom or off classroom as well.  They make you excel technically in Selenium but they also prepare you to portray that confidence in your interviews as well. From resume rewriting to 4000+ real time interview questions are shared at the end of the program. This is the only reason every Selenium batch at TestLeaf sees 80-90% success ratio.  So, tester friends do not waste your time in thinking and get yourself skilled up at TestLeaf – Always remember in IT its always “Learn more and earn more”. All the best!

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