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Best Things about Selenium Automation Training

Best Things about Selenium Automation Training

To understand and know more about Selenium – let’s hear a story first. Once upon a time there were manual testers and slowly, they got replaced by automation testers. Yes, this story goes way back to 2004 at ThoughtWorks in Chicago, where Jason Huggins build a core mode as “JavaScript Test Runner” to test an internal Time and Expenses application.

Jason started demonstrating the features of the test tool to many of his coworkers. Lot of them were excited with its speedy and spontaneous visual feedback along with its ability to grow as a reusable testing framework for other web applications. Soon after, Thought Workers in different offices around the world, started using Selenium for commercial projects. Here started the Journey of the most powerful and popular automation tool called – Selenium

Since 2004 – this tool has undergone many changes and upgrades. Now the market is flooded with automation tools like QTP, Test Studio, Watir, Robotium etc. To discover why Selenium tops the list we can compare it with other tools.

  • The first major factor which makes Selenium the most in-demand tool in the market is – that it is an open source tool. Most of the automation tools available in the market are licensed and the cost is way too high also the users may have to pay for all the version of these tool, which makes it less wanted.
  • Selenium is very flexible when it comes to executing the test cases across different platforms like Firefox, Chrome, IE and so on. Whereas other automation tools like QTP is not very flexible when it comes to executing the test cases across different platforms.
  • Selenium test scripts can be written easily in the different programming languages like Java, Python, C#, Scala, Ruby and so on but the most commonly used language among these is Java. Whereas not all automation tools can use different programming languages, say QTP which only uses VBScript which is an active scripting language developed by Microsoft and the test scripts cannot be written in any simple programming language 
  • Selenium test scripts can be integrated and run across different IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, .Net and so on whereas test cases in QTP tool work on only QTP developed environment and not in other IDEs
  • Being an open source tool Selenium has a large community support across the globe, so if you face an issue using the tool you do not need to raise any tickets. You can post it on various forums available to get immediate help/support from users across the world.

If you are still a manual tester thinking whether to upskill with automation or not…I would say do not waste your time. The longer you continue as a manual tester you are in a situation where anytime you can get laid off. Upskilling/Multiskilling have now become crucial in a tester’s career graph. You don’t learn, you don’t earn!  

There are stuffs and videos available online for the testers to learn selenium but online trainings and materials result in no practical knowledge and goes down the drain. If you ask me the best training to get yourself mastered in Selenium tool is to get enrolled for a classroom training at the best place selenium training in chennai – that’s TESTLEAF. The reason I recommend anyone who wants to learn automation to go to Testleaf is that they are best selenium training in Chennai in what they do.  Complete practical sessions with real time scenarios explained with easiest of examples. Weekly homeworks and assignments, Extra webex session on weekdays to get the concepts right if you have not understood it during the classroom session, real-time projects, interview focused training with resume rewriting – all this only at one place. Trainers are the best you can find in the industry. Each of the trainer is a thorough professional with expertise in Automation.

Hope the interesting facts I shared above regarding selenium and my good piece of advice would have been helpful for you. I wish you a great automation journey and lots of learning and growth in your testing career. Good Luck!

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