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Future of Testing – Selenium Automation Tool

Future of Testing – Selenium Automation Tool

In old 80s and 90s time most of the usual household works were done manually by hands. To make life better and comfortable, mixer grinders, washing machines, dish washers were made. Similarly, with changing trends and needs and continuous growing demand from the consumers and customers to deliver accurate results in less time – automation is only answer.

In testing sphere as well, Selenium training is the name everyone has in their minds when it comes to automation needs. Why Selenium when there are plenty of other automation tools? This question as a definite answer. Selenium is an open source tool. Any tester who wants to work on Selenium tool does not have to purchase it by paying a cost. Its free and anyone can access it. That is the best part of this tool.

Selenium works with any OS. Moreover, it also supports different languages like java, python, C#, Ruby etc.  Selenium users all over the world have different forums to help and support others users who need solutions to the problem they are facing with this tool. So, you understand you have a huge community support for this tool.

All this and more makes Selenium tool the most popularly used automation tool and its demand and usage in the automation market is growing by every passing day. This Automation tool has largely reduced the manual testing efforts. Any Software tester with only manual testing skillset is in a very unsteady position, as automation has become the need of every business now. Automation is the market trend. When it comes to testing, Automation is an integral part of it. There are various points which make automation mandatory in Testing. Companies which have large amount of data to be tested, where test cases are complicated, where same test cases have to be used in different browsers etc. makes the automation testing crucial.

If you see, few years back to test an application a tester used to take several days but now with the automation tools an application can be tested and results can be derived in just few minutes and also with almost 100% accuracy. Human errors through automation testing can be completely ruled out. Tools like Selenium increased the productivity and precision of the process and due to this more organizations are seeking automation testers and less of manual testers.

When I chose to take up Selenium to my benefit, my companion recommended me the best spot for getting prepared and that was TestLeaf. When my preparation began at I understood I have been fortunate to be prepared at this spot. Every one of the coaches and tutors here are ongoing working calling with high involvement. Their mentality and approach towards the members is incredibly modest and patient to each inquiry posed.

Get complete knowledge about tool proper Selenium training in chennai is a must.TestLeaf in Chennai is the number 1 institute where you can get real time exposure in this automation tool. Even if you are not from a programming background TestLeaf provides you the training the basics. Their curriculum includes everything – from basics of java and selenium to frameworks like Cucumber, TestNG and POM. They also give real time projects to make the participants implement what they have learnt. Their technical training is excellent alongwith their interview based training. They share real time interview questions with the participants so that they are completely ready for cracking the interviews after completing their training at Testleaf. Their trainers are all highly experienced and thorough professionals in Selenium. So RPA training in Chennai is best you can get. Get yourself enrolled at TestLeaf and start your automation career at the earliest. 

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