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Why is Selenium Being the Most Preferred for Automation Testing?

Why is Selenium Being the Most Preferred for Automation Testing?

Automation is the talk of the town these days, the reason it’s being preferred is what we are going see here. When it comes to manual testing all the actions that are performed by the tester are done manually and it needs to be repeated based on the acceptance criteria, where the tester needs to perform regression testing on the application. Automation overcomes the idea of redoing the same work repeatedly back in manual testing. There are a lot of tools available to perform automation testing on the application, Appium for mobile application automation, ProtactorJS for JavaScript web application, Selenium for web application and the list goes on. 

Web Application Automation 

The major reason that Selenium being dominant among other automation tools is because Web Applications are the most used among users in the world. Due to this, web applications occupy the majority attention among software engineers. Now all those developed applications undergo testing, but testing is a never-ending task. The more you test, the more the application’s bugs are found. But till the application reaches the deployment state it undergoes a rigorous amount of testing, where regression testing is done many times.

Agile Methodology

Now Selenium, a software automation testing tool is being predominantly used by software automation testers in the industry. To understand the benefits of Automation Testing or even Selenium, let’s first understand the concept of agile methodology. Before agile, the testing phase starts only when the development is fully completed but in agile the testing phase starts right after once the developer starts building the application. This ensures more accuracy and timely update from both sides. Now Selenium helps the testers to write test case execution code and reuse it throughout the entire life cycle of the project. This saves a lot of time and many companies are showing interest in deploying automation testing in their projects. This is the reason that makes manual testers look for Selenium training in Chennai, and other cities to implement automation testing in their existing and upcoming projects. 

Continuous Integration / Continuous Development

Now it is enough said that Automation testing doesn’t need to repeat the steps, but how about testing an application without any human interactions? No, it isn’t AI, but a simple tool named Jenkins which can be integrated with Selenium and can be tested by running the tool and best part is that one can even send the report by email to the assigned recipient. Jenkins for automation testing can be learned from undergoing Selenium training in Chennai, it is evident that automation testing provides much flexibility for the tester and also for the management to show a tidy demonstration for the client during the deployment.

Apart from this Selenium provides the best support for automating web applications by integrating Selenium with many other tools for various purposes. Although there are many other software tools available in the market like Protractor JS, Selenium being the base for all those new tools as it has got the robust implementations. But no other tool is as flexible as Selenium and it also built keeping in mind about the micro usages that are required in the automated test case execution. Due to these reasons, Selenium is preferred most among software testing in most companies.

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