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Parent’s Guide to Control Kids Gaming Addiction and Enhance Safety | Screen Time App

Parent’s Guide to Control Kids Gaming Addiction and Enhance Safety | Screen Time App

Are your kids obsessed with video games?  Are they skipping meals and pretending they can’t hear you? If you are unable to screen time control your kids’ gaming habits, then you are certainly on the right page. 

We are pretty much sure of the answers spinning in your mind. Many parents (just like you) are tired and frustrated with the kid’s gaming obsession. Parents are unable to figure out ways to control this habit. It is only in such moments you wish for a Parent Guide to Control Gaming Addiction. Isn’t it?

Why do parents need to implement screen time control for kid’s Gaming addiction?

Mobile games attract kids in inexplicable ways. Some casual and hyper-casual games are super addictive. These games don’t even spare the adults, then who can blame the kids?

Game developers leverage the behavioral psychology to develop and design state of the art, ‘appealing games. The gaming environment is a simulating portal that engrosses an individual’s brain and makes it hard to leave the atmosphere without reaching the result. 

Gamers, especially children, often start relating to virtual characters and find their recognition through a gaming platform. Online world satiates their emotional needs and builds their self-esteem. 

5 Signs to Look for in an addictive gamer

–    Need for more

–    Withdrawal symptoms

–    Lose interest in daily activities

–    Only think about games

–    Finds an escape route

1.    Needing to play a little more

A gamer is never satisfied. The game doesn’t end at the first or second level; it terminates only when the game ends, and you reach the desired outcome. With kids, this is even more prominent. They often skip meals and delay homework in spending time on their phone.

2.    Lose excitement in other tasks

Not only hobbies or Sports, but kids also lose interest in almost all other tasks. They need a nudge for every activity. If you leave them ideal, you can find them looking at their screen and rigorously moving their fingers. 

3.    Experience withdrawal on losing the device or game

Winning the game and surpassing all the levels is a deep desire of children. Unfulfilling this desire can cause excessive drama and withdrawal. All of a sudden kid find themselves alone and purposeless. They lose their joy and completely isolate themselves. 

4.    Gaming as an escape route from problems

Many children, who face humiliation or get caught in some unannounced trouble use mobile games as an escape from reality. They always look at the screen to avoid eye contact with any family and friend. Also, massive action games often help you forget the whole nightmare for that moment. 

5.    Always thinking about mobile games

Some children are so obsessed with mobile games that all they see and hear is GAMES. Push them in the field; they will surprise you by playing a mobile game in one corner. 

Their discussions with other kids start and end at games. For parents, the situation may seem a little overwhelming because they want kids to have healthy conversations and learn something more often.

Parent guide to controlling Gaming addiction

It is pretty much clear why kids adore video games. Just to reiterate, games cause a sense of satisfaction and works as a great way to escape reality. The theory is also applicable to adults; however, they can juggle between work and games appropriately.

Image: Do your kids hate spending time with family?

So, here are tips for parents to help kids control gaming addiction:

1.    Plan Family Time –

It is a wise idea to plan a family vacation or family time to engage with kids closely. Kids may hesitate in the beginning; however, when they start enjoying the time spent with family, their perception of killing time changes drastically. 

2.    Hobbies in kid’s interest area-

Kids look forward to gaming because they feel motivated to go to the next level and get a new reward from it. Similar is the case with hobbies; it engages children unknowingly and propels them to pursue the hobby religiously. 

3.    The habit of reading –

Stories have the same potential to engage children as games. Stories are in fact, a better escape than a game because it opens up another world of fascination and curiosity. Unlike games, novels are educational and cause no harmful effect. So, it is imperative to push kids towards reading since their childhood to build interest.

4.    Screen time control app –

Inarguably, screen time control is the best and smartest way to limit the exposure to games. Using innovative apps like Bit Guardian Parenteral Control, you have the power to deactivate kid’s screen for a definite number of hours in the day. If you do not wish to disable the entire device, alternately, you can disable a few category apps like Gaming and Social media. 

Without waiting one more minute, install the screen time control app- Bit Guardian Parental Control and observe the drastic changes in your kid’s gaming addiction.

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