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Samsung has been one of the leading brands of mobile phones for quite a few years. It practically ruled the market for android phones. However, it is not its growing market share that is making headlines today.  Samsung has announced that it is working on a “Samsung foldable phone” which can double up as a tablet because it becomes a larger screen when opened to full size. This new technology is becoming the talk of the tech town with more and more people eagerly waiting to see how it will end up working.

Researchers’ state that rolling out this mobile phone is going be a basic testing ground for what all can be achieved using a smartphone. And the latest technology. It will also give a fair idea to the developers on what are the areas that customers are finding trouble with and which areas are they comfortable working with.

Samsung Foldable Phone

CNET, a very reliable platform has quoted the mobile head of Samsung, DJ Koh, stating, “Possibly when we start selling the foldable phone, it may be a niche market, but definitely, it will expand. I’m positive that we do need a foldable phone”.

Availability of Samsung Foldable Phone

The device itself is reported to be available in the next six months. According to sources within the company, it is said that the company will initially roll out these devices and they would definitely not disappear from the market for the span of another 6 months or 9 months even.

A source says, “this phone has to be available globally. It is meant for the people to use the phone at a global level. This phone is sure to stay. It will stay in the market and remain here for a long time for the people. The company will get enough chance to understand how the market works. That kind of duration will help in understanding what are the parts of the device that don’t seem to sit right with the users and what kind of modifications may be needed in the second phase of these devices.”

Growing in Screen Size

The size of the screen has become one of the most lucrative points of selling a phone. Everyone likes a larger, bigger screen today. This is because a phone is not just used for calling or text messaging. Today, you will find people using their devices for all sorts of activities like gaming, watching TV and so on and so forth.

Allegedly, the date of launch for this device was to be November 2018. The world is looking forward to having this kind of a seamless foldable smartphone. That will be the future of the phone.  Who knows how technology might shape up in further future?

Other parties in the market

There are certain other parties in the market that involved in trying to create bendable devices. South Korea and China are big markets in developing unique and new kinds of technologies. They have always been working towards bringing something new for the people.

Huawei, a Chinese electronics mammoth too is all set to bringing bendable devices to the market. The devices that are there in the market will definitely be a fresh wave of digital revolution. We are yet to see how many different kinds of phones we can expect with bendable technology in the coming days. Will someone is able to beat Samsung to it?

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