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How to Develop a Salon Appointment Booking app for your salon Business?

How to Develop a Salon Appointment Booking app for your salon Business?

Do you know the amount of revenue the beauty industry generates every year? Well, for starters the revenue of the beauty industry was noted at 5000 billion dollars in the year 2019. We, humans, are social individuals and we are obsessed with our overall appearance. We believe that our appearance is the very first thing people will notice and hence we are always concerned about beauty and our appearance. So, maybe now you know why the beauty industry earns this much. 

As we know this industry has become mainstream and lauded to become one of the best sectors so far but there are many things in the industry that are saturated and it is still struggling in some areas. So, in this case, if you own a salon or you are related to the beauty industry and you are juggling to find ways to enhance your business then you are in the right place. 

Salon business is hard to maintain, especially when it comes to maintaining your potential clients, the salon maintenance expense, staff maintenance, and many more. In some cases, the salons fail and shut the doors forever. The success ratio of successful salons is only 50%, this is not a surprise for us because we dug a little deeper and researched it. The salons that were successful had something in common which is having an online platform.  

Wondering how to make one? In this article, we have attempted to categorize all the aspects of a salon appointment booking system. We will start by defining the Market size revenue, then we will briefly talk about features and functionalities, and lastly, we will finish up with Cost to Develop a salon appointment booking App. 

Market research and market size revenue of beauty salon industry

Before you consider building a salon appointment booking app, it is advisable to conduct market research. Not only will it encourage you to strengthen your business but it will also minimize the investment risk you are planning.

After you conduct your business market research you will be able to discover your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. You can plan your strategies according to the market research reports to build a robust online salon booking app. Moreover, it is advisable to keep your customers in the center of your business, everything you do should be for the convenience of your customers. So, this is the basic idea of market research and how it can improve your business effectiveness. 

Now, let’s see what is the market size revenue of salon appointment booking App Development. The salon and spa industry is quite broad all over the world, people love to pamper themselves after working all week. 

We have highlighted various fragments and their weight by how much revenue they produce in the table below. 

SegmentsRevenue productions
Hair care30%
Skin care25%
Spa services 14%
Grooming 14%
Cosmetic 17%

So when you Develop a Salon Appointment Booking Mobile App, you should know that the revenue it will earn will be divided by segments. According to our research, this is the basic revenue production segment vise. 

Features and Functionalities to consider to develop salon booking software

Laying out features and functionalities of your salon mobile app development is the basic step you will require. Since developing an app has become the piece of cake, but developing a robust application is not an easy task. 

So, what do you need to develop an online booking system for your salon business? You need some essential features that can enhance your brand visibility and values.  

So, let’s check what features you’ll need for your salon app. There is one more thing you need to know before you start, there will be 2 applications to develop. One is a customer app and the other is an admin panel. Admin panel will keep all the tracks of bookings, revenue, sales, user flow, and payment segments. You as a salon owner will be able to check the admin panel. 

Now, let’s see what features needed to integrate into the user app. 

  • Built-in calendar: You can easily manage your business when your appointments are managed by an app. Your customers can see what timing slots are booked and what is left and they can manage their bookings accordingly with the help of the in-app calendar. 
  • Discounts and offers: Whatever offers, discounts, and loyalty program you run in your salon, sift the all through the app also. Users that are constantly buying your service or products, reward them more. This can be an incentive for them to return to your app or salon whatever is convenient for them. 
  • Social media login & Signup: Because you are creating this salon appointment booking app for your user’s convenience, the login and signup should be quick. You can integrate social media integration for the quick registration process,  your customers can use their Facebook page, Google or other social media accounts to register. 
  • Catalog: Having a smart and smooth user-friendly catalog can give your customers easy to browse the services you provide.
  • Beauty packages: A customizable beauty package with rating and review and attractive combo offers can attract more customers than having individual services. 
  •  Fashion library: It’s tough to recognize what a user needs. To make it easy, you can create a fashion library feature for clients so that they can choose the liked haircut or makeup right from the picture gallery.
  • Contact the stylist: You can give your user the utility to simply call or message the expert to ask their offerings as well as users can get personalized styling tips suitable for them.
  • Push notifications: The most powerful feature for your salon appointment booking mobile app is hands down Push notifications. The traffic this feature can cater to the app is unbelievable.  You can remind your clients about what is happening, what are the offers going on, what are the new trends in your hair salon, and you can also remind them about booking appointments time to time. 
  • Customer testimonials: Customer testimonials are something that makes you stand out from your competitors. The idea is to let your customers click a picture and then they can write about the experience.
  • Product lists: You can also add product list features, for example, you can add multiple options for hair care products, skin care products, and latest makeup additions. This feature will bring more female users in your application. 

Some successful example of a salon appointment booking apps 

Almost all businesses are developing applications so that their customers can reach them efficiently. Salons and spas as well as being no exceptions have raised bars high by adopting mobile applications for their firms. There are some well-known salon brands that are successfully using applications for booking the appointment software to modernize their business.  

BBlunt: This award-winning salon series originated from Mumbai has embarked on the journey in 1997 and increasingly made its trademark all over the Indian subcontinent. 

Lakme salons: The fashion week backstage experts who always bring trendy new statement trends in Hair, skin, and makeup is India’s top cosmetic brand. But then they also started gradually with hair and makeup. 

It might be overwhelming to stay established as a salon owner because of the overload of work, constant appointment management, and many more things. It can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have a reliable booking schedule platform and lastly, as a result, you might end up losing good clients. 

But fortunately, you can use the advancement of technology to use advanced services to magnify your salon business. 

Salon appointment booking App Development Cost

If we calculate the cost to develop salon booking mobile applications, then the development process for Ios and android platforms can take 650 hours. And if you multiply the hour with the hourly cost it costs 30,000 USD. But if you want your app to perform on both the platforms and save money, then you can choose the cross-platform app development. Cross-platform app development can reduce the cost to build a salon appointment booking apps by almost 50%. 


So, do you wish to develop such software for your clients to book an appointment? We have an excellent Salon Appointment App Solution that you can use for your business. You can also customize your app according to your business model and specific requirements. By building such an app you will be able to attain many things that were next to impossible to run. This can be beneficial for both, save yours and your customers’ time and resources that you can use for many more other things. Now, that is a win-win, isn’t it?

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