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Healthy and Portable Snacks to Take On a Road Trip

Healthy and Portable Snacks to Take On a Road Trip

Road trips are the best way to bond over with one’s family and friends. Along with endless roads and serene views, food is definitely something that all look forward to. Dedicating a budget for this is highly important as one definitely would not want to dedicate all his resources to just food. Excess of sugary and fast foods are bound to make one feel irritable and exhausted which is why having a healthy supply of portable food items is essential. 

Here are a number of items that you can either make for yourself or grab and eat on the go:

Hard Boiled Eggs 

Everyone knows how to boil an egg and also that it doesn’t take long. One can easily carry them in a lunchbox.


You would require zip lock bags for storing them and also to avoid making a sticky, fruity mess as well.  This is introduced especially as an alternative for sugary treats like gummies, ice-creams, shakes and chocolates that one feels obligated to snack on when on the road. Storing grapes, cherries and berries in a small cooler is a great idea and it gives you that refreshing sweetness and that boost of energy which your body requires from time to time. If still, your cravings aren’t satisfied and you feel it can only be done by eating something unhealthy, you can keep a jar of peanut butter with you and dip your fruity items into it for a different taste.

Keeping a pack of dried fruits with you is also one of the healthy options you can go for. Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds, pistachios are some great options and offer one with variety as well. They’re easy to carry and kids including adults absolutely love them. You have a power-packed combo of energy and flavor combined!

Fruit Leather, though may not be accessible in all countries easily but you can always google a recipe to make one at home, are an excellent choice for a road trip candy alternative.

Assorted food items

These are all items that you can grab from the grocery store and modify them according to your preferences.


It’s a staple and a great alternative for bagged potato chips. One can make them at home and put them in a lunchbox or a container which can be carried around in a car or while talking short walks in between drives. Seasonings can be added on demand and on spot! If popcorn makes your throat feel dried out and you and your family don’t like it, you can always grab a box of your favorite cereal from a store and snack on it instead.


They provide you with the required proteins and a number of healthy fats that your body requires to feel fresh and enthusiastically enjoy your trip.


You can skip the fully loaded and fattening sandwiches and replace them with peanut butter or egg sandwiches which will again provide you with high protein and also would feel fulfilling and make your stomach and brain believe that you’ve had a proper meal.

Flavored or Greek yogurt:

On a hot, sweaty day one is bound to crave ice-cream and what better way to beat the heat and cravings with then having a cup of good fruity flavored yogurt by your side. It comes in disposable cups so you don’t have to worry about any bowls or dishes getting dirty or broken. You can trash it as soon as your done eating it and it leaves you feeling full, fresh and energetic. This would come in handy with especially toddlers to whom feeding ice-creams would lead to hyperactivity and eventually chaos in the car!


Though most people don’t consider vegetables being a very attractive option for bringing along on road trips, it’s never a bad idea to cut and box a few carrot sticks, cucumbers, celery sticks with maybe a nicely steamed or seasoned and boiled chicken cubes. One of the best ideas that we can present you with is making a burrito out of all your favorite vegetables and zip-locking it or wrapping it in a tinfoil. Earlier, we also mentioned an alternative for chips, which was popcorn and cereal. We’re introducing another idea and that is of veggie chips which can be easily made at home by cutting thin slices, seasoning them and roasting them in the oven for that crunchy effect as you take a bite. 

The heart wants what it wants and if it says it wants junk food, it’s better not to exhaust yourself out and just give it what it needs.

Healthier junk food options are as follows:

Dark Chocolates:

It doesn’t add to your weight and also it successfully satisfies your body’s cravings for chocolate.

Graham Crackers: 

These are the best and the healthiest biscuits you can have. They are low on calories and high in fibre and would prevent constipation which is caused by other cookies and biscuits.

Fruit Juices and wine:

You can easily purchase juice boxes of a shelf but you have in mind that it is high in sugar so it is probably best to dilute it with water especially when giving it to children. You may also keep wine for yourself, if you don’t have time to purchase you may get them from America’s best online liquor store as well.

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