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Have a strong desire to scrutinize the Great Barrier Reef? Go with scUber

Have a strong desire to scrutinize the Great Barrier Reef? Go with scUber

Are you searching for something completely different to take the family on vacation? Well, your searching operation ends up here. scUber is here to fulfill your desire. After taking you to the sky and the roads, now Uber app launches its unique concept of underwater rides. It is the world’s first submarine ridesharing. scUber will proffer the riders throughout Australia’s Great Barrier reef just for $2,000 for 2 people. This ride comprises of a helicopter ride to the docking station also the 1 hour trip around the reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest persisting creature on Earth and turned out to be throbbed by climate change. Vouchsafing to an article by Journal nature, baby coral has declined by 89% in the reef and also the mass-bleaching events affected by climate change have destroyed large areas.

Uber Investment

Uber is identifying the number of dollars spent on scUber and also it is giving a donation of $100,000 to the citizens of Great Barrier Reef so that they can help in protecting the reef from the harm caused by nature.

The submarine powered by the battery with two different seats, one for the pilot and the other one for the passenger will dive into the depth of 30 metres. The passenger can easily see the unobstructed 180-degree view of the largest living organism through the large windows of the submarine. Even so uber did not disclose the exact number of the submarine but told that there would be only limited scUber trips available for the passengers.

This is not the first time when Uber took some special actions to promote the company and become the centre of attraction. In the year 2017, Uber introduced Uber chopper, an amazing helicopter service which carried the passengers to the Mysterland festival and also offered the aerial trips of the Amsterdam.

At the same time, Uber chopper and scUber are great publicity stunts than genuine revenue creators, Uber is continuously experimenting with other exciting forms of transportation.

Uber also extended into bikes and scooters in the previous few years by partnering up with Jump and Lime respectively. The continuous race to subjugate all aspects of ridesharing in the civic territory is still in developing process and also receiving a great response from the different cities.

Regional Opportunities

scUber is a restricted time offer which will be running till 18 June. The major service is only for the riders who are based in Australia and Queensland, but other regions also have an opportunity to enter the scene by participating in the Uber contest. The winner will be rewarded with a paid trip to Queensland and a ride of scUber that will be totally free.

The winners will be selected according to the pleas limited that too in 25 words. The different 6 trips will be conferred to different regions throughout the world and the submissions must be done before 1 June.

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