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Top 12 Review Websites in the industry for honest reviews

Top 12 Review Websites in the industry for honest reviews

Review websites, what are they?

These websites are basically here to provide you honest reviews for your company, there are many different companies that provide you with an easy and fast service however it can be hard to find those companies. Just as hard as it is to find good products, in the sea of online market, what do you rely on to navigate your online shopping experience, may it be services or products. Well, most people think of reviews as an answer, mostly Review websites like Google review or Review PLC to help them understand if a service or product is good.  

Most people don’t trust companies that do not have reviews and it is important for the reviews to be legitimate. These reviews can make or break a company and they cannot be deleted by the company, which makes them more believable for the clients looking to buy the products.

Google Reviews

Google reviews are the most common forms of reviews that are completely independent; these reviews are based on the google page for the service or product company. Think of these reviews as comments on the page about services and products from the companies and the client experiences. 

Google is also very strict about policies and only removes spam reviews, they can be both positive or negative, if they are reported, google can take them after checking to see if the account is a bot.

Review PLC

Review PLC is also an Independent reviewing website; it provides people with direct review on the businesses that are registered in Review PLC website. Unlike Google reviews, this website provides a way for the business to show the independent reviews on their website both good and bad. These are truly unbiased reviews because they don’t allow spams or bots. 

The inclusivity and the idea of allowing the websites that belong to the official businesses makes it a very profitable place. The businesses show all reviews using the slides by review PLC that are all updated on real time, these are more reliable than testimonials but serve the same purpose.  


Facebook recently added reviews to the mix with the business pages, people list products on the Facebook pages and they are open to reviews. Since Facebook is a social media website, it easily gets people attracted towards the products and they can also leave reviews on these products. However, the issue with website like Facebook is that your company needs to be active as a business on the Facebook page and needs to post regularly as well as list the products. 


Yell is an independent site like Review PLC, although it does not provide the option of displaying reviews. Yell reviews services alone and not products, it normally reviews hotels and restaurants and due to that it is very specific to the companies that it reviews. The Star rating system from Yell and Yelp have even become a YouTube obsession due to the low rating places as people go there to check the services and document their experience. For the normal use however it is best to gets the best reviewed booking. 


Yelp is a reliable service review website; it reviews everything, from Accommodation, tattoo parlours, ice cream places to bars, restaurants and bed & breakfasts. The site mainly focuses on reviews related to services, this allows it to be specified and everyone relies on the star rating provided by yelp to go to places that they can visit. Also unlike other sites here, yelp have a search bar that allows you to find a place according to your needs. 

Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot is a widely used website for reviews that are company based, from product reviews to service reviews; all are available as long as the site is registered on the page. Many sites are included on the website due to its high traffic, which allows for people to give all the reviews they wish. However, there are claims that Trust Pilot filters it’s content which makes it untrustworthy for many. Essentially it provides the same service as Review PLC but under uncertain circumstances. 

Yellow Pages 

Yellow Pages is a website that provides reviews on a board range of small businesses locally owned. It does not only operate in UK and USA, it offers services in many different countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The Website is owned and run by the YP Holdings and it has officially changed its domain and everything to simply,


Amazon is closer to Facebook in its services but the issue with amazon, even with its high traffic and review rates, it only provides reviews provided on the amazon site. Where the product itself needs to be listed for sale and the people who buy it through amazon will leave a review. It is not an independent source of reviews like other websites. 


Feefo is a company that provides serious company reviews that are reviewed by the company before they are posted, if the reviews that are posted are not real, they cannot be on the website and will not be published. The company themselves cannot send the Feefo review links to the clients, Feefo does that automatically. 


Manta is a Business-listing website and it allows the clients to create an online presence, much like google. It allows them to see the profile of the website and there, just like google review, people can come and review the businesses independently and give their experience and honest reviews.

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