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The cost-benefit analysis shows that the maximum utility of money and satisfaction of buying a refurbished laptop is on a higher ratio. The myth that a refurbished laptop is the same as a used laptop is wrong. Refurbished laptops provide us with experience at par with new laptops. The various advantages of refurbished devices further add-on to its charm, making this option lucrative enough than buying a new laptop. 

A little about the refurbishment process: 

Irrespective of the source of the refurbished product, it is cleaned, evaluated and distinguished based on the health of the components. The process includes the following steps:-

  1. Dismantling 
  2. Battery efficiency test
  3. Screen quality test
  4. Connection test 
  5. Hard drives test and so on

Based on this process, the lacunas are replaced or repaired to ensure that the refurbished product is on par with the new one. If the above processes not followed then we can use the term used for such products.

A refurbished laptop has its own set of dynamic advantages

Timesaving Solutions: Buying a refurbished laptop is extremely easy for any of the consumers. In case of any issue arises, the consumer can easily reach out to the respective seller and get it repaired. However, in case of the new laptop time lag between reporting an issue and resolving the same is much higher as it comprises shipping the product, repair at the center and then shipping it back to the consumer.

Customization: Every consumer has a set of requirements. With the refurbished laptops, easy customization is available, which leads to saving in the cost of the known required features of a new laptop.

Two staged testing: Every consumer who buys a refurbished laptop of the quality as the product has already crossed 2 levels of testing, i.e. firstly by the previous user and secondly by the refurbishing dealer of the laptop.

Economic Spending: In the economic environment of the free market, the major factor of competition is the price and quality. While buying the refurbished laptop, both the factors are in favor of the consumer as the input cost of a laptop is much lesser, resulting in a low cost of the product and two-level testing to ensure maximum quality.

Software technology issues: The software compatibility is never an issue with the refurbished laptops. The key reason for such long-lasting compatibility is the effort of the software companies to ensure that the upgrades they are bringing for the software can serve both in the new one and in the old ones. 

Laptop Tools quality: Usually the consumers of the refurbished products are end-users and not the lessor of the product. Most of these refurbished laptops are owned by the enterprises or are into business use. This provides the advantage of getting the enterprise-level tools at the 80% lower prices than the new laptops with the same tools.

Performance matters: New laptops work as the description goes, although at times certain issues with the latest models are recognized immediately after launching. For instance, the famous flex gate issue with Apple Mac Book Pro. But thorough testing and checking in case of refurbished laptops make sure they are running smoothly. Certified refurbishers may even install the necessary latest software to ensure that the device you receive functions just like a brand new laptop. Such laptops ought to be reliable and these claims are backed by a warranty. 

Additional better specs: Buying refurbished laptops provides customers with the luxury of specifications that earlier seemed out of budget. Besides this, they can also save for necessary add-ons. For instance, a 1TB hard drive or printer, etc. 

Utilization factor: The other factor that matters the most while determining to buy a laptop is the type of utilization you ought to get out of it. If you need a laptop for school, NGO’s, small business, gaming purpose, or for rare basic use at home, it will be better to buy a refurbished device. Refurbished laptops give you the comfort of solving two problems with one action. You don’t have to worry about making a large investment and easily get a laptop for justifying your requirement. 

What consumers contribute by purchasing a refurbished laptop?

ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION: The major contribution we do is savings. Every dollar saved increases our bandwidth of spending and it contributes all of this with 100% satisfaction for the product and getting the maximum utility form the laptop.

ENVIRONMENT CONTRIBUTION: Every new laptop purchased contributes to the electronic waste that will land up in dumping ground after the usage. This leads to adding in the consumption of greenhouse gas and increasing the carbon footprint in the environment. High manufacturing can only assist the high demand for the new laptop. This is will lead to damaging the environment. As harmful and toxic elements present inside these electronic devices tend to damage the environment during the time of production as well as destruction. But when you choose to buy a refurbished device over a brand new, you’re increasing the life of that device that will, in turn, reduce the demand for new and help preserve tons of raw material and energy. 

What is a must while buying a refurbished laptop?

Warranty: The major criteria for selecting the refurbished laptop should be warranty off at least one year. This comes with the assurance that they have tested it and in case they leave any shortcomings, we can easily find a solution for it. Therefore, a device with a minimum warranty period is far better than no warranty altogether. 

Deciding on which on to go for?

While buying a new laptop what we get is a feeling of buying something that has never been used or opened before. However, this feel diminishes as the days pass, and the usage of the laptop increases. This feeling can cost you a few extra dollars and society’s additional environmental loss. Buying a new laptop may be a fascinating option, but when we analyze the cost-benefit analysis, refurbished laptops turn out to be the best option.

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