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Why you should Consider Redesigning your Mobile App in 2020?

Why you should Consider Redesigning your Mobile App in 2020?

Gone are the days where mobile application was a premium product. Now every other company has their own mobile application that has a group of loyal customer who help in generating revenue for them. Designing a mobile app is still in the list of on-demand services by development companies and amongst that list tops the redesigning of mobile application.

Why should you Consider Re-designing your Mobile Application?

Redesigning a mobile app is the most essential upgradation an app needs over a period. It facilities in generating smooth revenue for the company and helps to make your customers stay loyal to your application. You should consider your application for redesigning when you face following scenarios.

  1. Outdated App Design.
  2. Complicated App Interface Design.
  3. When Conversion (Results) turn negative.
  4. Application concept change.
  5. Huge Competition.

Outdated App Design.

Outdated app designs are the biggest reasons companies lose a chunk of revenue. Updating and redesigning regularly is the best choice to avoid being trapped in these kind of situations. The app development market is filled withso many applications that has innovative features and amazing graphics. Amongst this market, it’s very hard to sustain for an applicationof yours that still sticks to the basics with simplistic design. This gives your customers an easy choice to make between your application and an amazing looking new application.You should better start redesigning your mobile application right away, if your customer chooses an amazing looking new application over your app. Getting suggestions from the best mobile application development company would help you get past this situation with outdated app design.

Complicated App Interface Design.

An application with amazing features and eye-catching graphics is useless if it has a complicated app interface. Your mobile app is a failure if it does not serve the purpose it was developed and does not satisfy the customer needs. For an application to be a hit, clear navigation is important. Confusing the app users with complicated app navigation is a major drawback.If the users do not understand the interface and flow they will end up moving to the next best alternative mobile application available in the market. Thus, it is good to maintain easy navigation and keep the application interface as simple as possible and for this reason,you need to consider redesigning your mobile app.

When Conversion (Results) turn negative.

The moment your conversation rate through the app starts dropping you should know its time to start the redesigning process. Indication like reduced download rate should be taken seriously as well.The drop in the conversion results might be because of less-enthusiastic features or non-attractive UX. Taking actions to enhance the UX and adding innovative features will facilitate your mobile application to get back to its normal flow of making positive conversions. It is not necessary to change the complete design but identifying the places which needs redesign through analysis will help you regain the lost revenues and customers. 

Application concept change.

Concept changes happen when there is whole lot of customers expect a different feature from your application, which forces you to change the concept in order to retainthe trust of the customers. You have to redesign your application if there is a slight deviation from your old concept. Change in concepts will directly affect the performance of the application. Your mobile application is a failure if there is a mismatch with the concept and the interactive UX designed in the application. Bringing in new concepts should be addressed rightly by redesigning the application immediately.

Huge Competition.

Knowing the fact that one can make a huge revenue in App development market, there is a great competition every day, as there are many new applications entering the market with unique features and eye-catching graphics. This is forcing many mobile applications with an old interface and designs to move out of the market which causes a huge revenue loss.These mobile apps are finally left out with no option rather than to start redesigning to at least stay in the race and not lose a chunk of revenue. Redesigning your mobile application gives you an upper hand over the other new entrants into the market who might even end up as your competitor.

Tips to Consider while Redesigning:

1.Redesign a Simple Application.

Simplistic approach is always consideredthe best in any market.Therefore, while you start redesigning your mobile application, it is advisable to stick to the basics and stay as simple as possible. This not only gives your application a higher amount of visibility but also helps in gaining many customers who prefer simple and usable apps from complex apps. It is widely misunderstood that having more features is a complex app and less features is a simple app. However, it is all upon the way the features are categorized for the customers to use. If you need to redesign an application with more complex features it is must to consult the best mobile app development company to make it easier for you.

2. Stay Updated.

When redesigning it is utmost important that you are keeping up with the trend. It is useless if you redesign your mobile application with an outdated feature and release it again which will force your loyal customers to uninstall your application permanently. To avoid this scenario of losing customers it is better to research and understand the trend in the industry and apply it in your mobile application considering the feasibility. Applying modern technology is an added advantage to your application if you integrate it well into the app thathelps in the easy access of the features.

Key Takeaway:

It is never too late to start something new. With the mobile world moving so fast, 2020 is the right time to think and consider about redesigning your application. If you fall under any of the above mentioned situations, you better not wait and start redesigning your application immediately. The sooner you complete redesigning the sooner you can start competing in the market that is flooded with lots of mobile applications with similar concepts as yours.

There are only a few mobile app development companies that provide mobile application redesigning services. Out of those, Soft Suave is the best app development company in India that caters all your app development needs at an affordable cost.

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