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How To Choose Red Dot Sight?

How To Choose Red Dot Sight?

Are you looking for a red dot scope with a traditional scope-like body or one of the modern rigid mechanical looking red dot sights to install on your firearm? Well, you are in the right place. 

But before I tell you how to choose a red dot sight, I need to clear some things out. First of all, all the red dot sights that are available in the market today, work the same way. Their function is very similar to each other. At most, they have some differences in build, design and features. These distinctive traits vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. That being said, let me tell you about the dissimilarities so that I can help you in choosing the perfect red dot sight for your firearm. 

Projection of Reticle 

The very first difference between different red dot sights is their projection of reticle. Mainly, the red dot can be categorized as reflex sights and holographic sights. 

To hunters, the reflex sights are more useful. Inside these reflex sights, manufacturers use LEDs. These LEDs shine the lens. The objective lens in these reflex sights acts as mirrors. The mirroring effect is not noticeable since the lens only reflects the LEDs wavelength. Other wavelengths pass through and the LED produces red, green or even blue reticle. This gives the illusion that the reticle is placed on the target. 

Secondly, the holographic sights or holo sights are mostly used by military forces and law enforcing agencies. With these holo sights, a laser diode is shined from the lens. Compared to reflex sights, these sights are usually more intricate based on the design. 

Reticle size, color&design

Reticle is the illuminated dot that is spotted on the target. 

Depending on the model and manufacturer, the reticle can be dot, cross, target, bullseye and even grid. Some more expensive models offer some unique design but it is best if you can pick the smallest reticle. Why? Because the smaller the reticle, the efficient your target acquisition will be. As for the color, most of the reticles are red. But every now and then, you’ll come across some with green reticle and blue reticle. As for the size, the sizes are mentioned as MOA. 

Open body design & Tube body design 

The overall design can be either tube or open. The tube ones are similar to the regular gun scopes as for the appearance. The tube crams every important component giving a rugged experience. On the other hand, the open ones are slightly lightweight and less bulky. They do not have any unnecessary components. They only pack the illumination source and the object window. 

Power & Battery 

If you are looking for a red dot scope or a red dot sight, you must ensure they back up all the way. That’s why considering the power consumption and batter for red dot sights is important. While the reflex sights use LED as the source, they can last up to 1000 hours. As for holographic sights, they use a laser. That’s why their battery lasts much less than a reflex sight. 

Now that you know about the red dots and their differentiating factors, it’s time for you to go pick the ideal sight that fits your firearm. 

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