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Recharge Rooms are the Next Trend Every Office Needs

Recharge Rooms are the Next Trend Every Office Needs

The life of a modern human being is largely consumed by work. We spend a great portion of our adult life at our workplace and it’s our main and possibly only source of income that causes a lot of stress. Naturally, stress is extremely harmful to both physical and mental health and we need to find an efficient way to cope with it. Unfortunately, we cannot affect our environment at work and we often cannot find the best way to relieve stress. This is why “recharge rooms” are becoming extremely popular in companies all over the globe. Employers are taking care of their people since the better their mood is, the more productive they’ll be.

recharge rooms

Inviting furniture

In order to get your employees to spend some time in the recharge room, equipping it with extra comfy furniture is a must. Think about lazy bags and bean bag chairs and a bunch of pillows. Bright colours and soft materials are very inviting to a tired and stressed mind. You can also have power nap couches. Power naps are proven to increase productivity in the workplace and some companies not only enable, but encourage their employees to take them regularly.

Gym equipment

It’s always good to combine physical and mental activity for maximum efficiency. This is why some companies have some handy equipment for a quick workout. You can add some weights for enthusiasts, but cardio is usually the most popular. This is why buying treadmills and some exercise bikes can go a long way when it comes to the popularity of your recharge room. Of course, having a mini gym at work requires space for showers and changing rooms for hygienic reasons.

Water and nature

The sound of water and the sight of greenery that fall under the category of ecotherapy can have a real soothing effect on people with anxiety or under a lot of stress. This is why your recharge room could use a tiny pond, an aquarium or a fountain and a lot of plants and greenery. You can even have one part of the room outside as a large balcony where you’ll put all these eco elements and create a pleasant environment for your employees and yourself to enjoy during a break.

Spa and wellness

If you do opt for building a tiny gym at your office, it would be a pity not to use the opportunity to build a tiny spa as well. Given that you’ll already have changing rooms and showers, why not add a sauna and a swimming pool for your employees to relax and unwind? Some people like having a swim early in the morning before they start the day and it would be much simpler if they had that opportunity in their workplace. Moreover, a sauna can be a great post-workout activity or it can, on its own, be a chance to spend a quality break. It would make your employees much more relaxed and willing to do the actual work once they’re well-rested and feeling fresh.

All these suggestions may seem costly and tiring. Truth be told, it’s not a quick fix, for sure. More importantly, it’s an investment in the future. It is something that is going to separate your company from most others as it’s a sign of care for your work and your workers. It shows that you are not just a businessman, but a person above all. It inspires loyalty and respect. Moreover, it increases the productivity of your employees, so there isn’t really a downside to the whole deal, just a small sacrifice for a lifetime of happiness and success.

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