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Reasons to plan your trip to Sikkim during winters

Reasons to plan your trip to Sikkim during winters

Winter holidays are coming soon! Yes, and with that, every other person has started to plan how to make these vacations truly memorable. Well, if you are going to enjoy your vacations by travelling to far off lands, then you are on the right page!

You should know that North East India also houses many breathtakingly beautiful winter destinations. Among these, Sikkim is a prominent one. Nestled on Himalayan foothills, Sikkim is a beautiful state featuring mountainous landscapes, pristine lakes and a lot more.

The main question is, what makes Sikkim a worth visiting destination during winters? You may hear from people that visiting some areas of Sikkim in winters is difficult. But, today, we will mention the reasons which make Sikkim a perfect destination for your winter trip.

Whether you are planning a Sikkim honeymoon or a family trip; this article is going to be very useful for you. So, stick with us till the end!

Now, let’s go through the reasons to plan your Sikkim trip during winters:

1.     The Chilled Weather:

People who live in humid or tropical areas can’t experience freezing winters in their hometown. These people usually crave for visiting places that offer chilling winters. The winter weather of Sikkim is perfect for this type of people.

The temperature in Sikkim ranges from 10 degrees to 4 degrees Celsius. In the higher altitude areas, it even drops down to 0 degree Celsius. So, you can experience chilling winters plus snowfall in Sikkim!

2.     The Frozen Lakes:

You must have heard about the beauty of Sikkim’s lakes. This beauty heightens in winters when most of these lakes freeze due to low temperature. The frozen lakes reflecting the mountainous landscapes look like a sight straight out of heaven!

The surrounding mountains are also snow-covered, and sunset looks truly mesmeric near these frozen lakes. Some of the best lakes which you can visit in Sikkim during winters are Gurudongmar Lake and Tsomgo Lake. You can also visit some partially frozen lakes in Sikkim.

3.     The Exciting Treks:

Being a mountainous location, Sikkim has a lot of trekking trails. However, you can try most of the treks in any season here, but they become truly enchanting in winters. Yes, because all the mountains and paths are covered with snow during winters. So, the level of beauty plus the level of difficulty increases; which makes these treks really thrilling.

If you are a thrill-seeker, then these trekking journeys are best for having some fun in Sikkim for you. The temperature keeps dropping as you approach the higher peaks during any trek. With it, the fun also keeps enhancing.

So, the exciting trekking trails are yet another reason to plan your Sikkim trip during winters.

4.     The Winter Festivals:

Sikkim is a hub of unique festivities and celebrations. Among these, the best can be experienced during winters. Most of the prominent festivals of Sikkim are celebrated in the months of December and January.

Lots of mask dances are performed, monasteries are flocked with devotees, special festive meals are served in markets and locals come together to celebrate various festivals like Loosong, Losar, Gangtok Winter Festival etc.

So, you can experience great mirth and enthusiasm of Sikkim by visiting in winters.

5.     The Snow Covered Mountains:

Who doesn’t love snow? We think snow fascinates everyone! You can get fascinated by seeing the snow-covered peaks of Sikkim in winters. The white sheet of snow enhances the beauty of these mountains, giving it a double shade!

The mountains of Sikkim become picture perfect during winters. That’s why newlyweds also plan Sikkim honeymoon. You can view the Mt. Kanchenjunga along with other mountains in Sikkim.

Every mountain range looks truly divine due to the snow. So, we think you can give your eyes an amazing treat by visiting Sikkim in winters.

6.     The Beautiful Monasteries:

Sikkim houses lots of Buddhist monasteries which you can visit in any season of the year. But, again, the winter multiplies the beauty of even these religious structures. Yes, because these monasteries offer even more panoramic views of the surrounding mountains in winters.

You can also experience chilled breeze accompanied by thick fog on high altitude monasteries during winters. All these special effects make your monasteries’ excursion even more happening in winters.

You can visit famous monasteries like Rumtek Monastery, Pemayangtse Monastery, Dubdi Monastery, Phodong Monastery etc. You will learn a lot about the culture of Sikkim by visiting these monasteries.

7.     The Hot Springs:  

Everyone likes a hot water bath in winter. But, if you are bored of taking a bath in your bathroom, then you can go to Sikkim for taking a bath amidst panoramic snow vistas in winters!

Worry not, we are not asking you to take a dip in the frozen lakes. But, we are asking you to enjoy a hot water bath in hot water springs of Yumthang. Yumthang is a very beautiful valley of North Sikkim which you must visit in winter.

This snow-covered valley possesses natural hot water springs whose water has therapeutic qualities. So, you can dip yourself in hot water while enjoying the panoramic views and winter fog in one of the most beautiful parts of Sikkim.

So, these are the main reasons why you should visit Sikkim during winters. Winter is indeed the best time to explore Sikkim. If you are a honeymooner, then you should know that the atmosphere of Sikkim becomes super romantic in winters. So, plan your trip without any doubts!

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