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Things that no one will tell you about QuickBooks hosting

Things that no one will tell you about QuickBooks hosting

Cloud computing is surely one of the most popular and used technological solutions in the modern era. There is no denial in the fact that cloud hosting is no more a new kid on the block but still, because of its wide array of applications and implementation, it is acting as a springboard for many other technological solutions. It doesn’t matter where you live or how you use the internet, you must be using cloud hosting solution in one form or another. But along with becoming an integral part of our daily life, cloud hosting has also become an important part of the businesses as well.

If you have never used a cloud hosting solution then you should know that cloud hosting is using the software solution on the cloud platform and without the need of installing it on the desktop or laptop. In order to shift to the cloud hosting platform, first of all, you will need to choose a cloud hosting provider but before that, you will have to decide which business solution you are going to shift on the cloud platform. After choosing the right cloud hosting provider, your software solution will be shifted on the cloud and you will start using it from anywhere and at anytime. One of the most famous cloud hosting platforms out there that is used by businesses from all around the world is QuickBooks on the cloud.

QuickBooks on the cloud is basically a hosted version of the most famous accounting software QuickBooks and after shifting this advanced accounting solution to the cloud, users are able to take the advantage of a long list of benefits that include anywhere, anytime accessibility, bank-level security, high uptime and much more. Everyone around you that will be related to the technology sector will be able to tell you about the benefits of cloud hosting solutions without any doubt but in this blog post, we are going to tell things that no one will ever tell you about QuickBooks hosting for accountants.

You may have to pay for Intuit Authorization

You should know that basically an authorization given by Intuit and it is nothing more than a label given by Intuit to those cloud hosting providers that pay for the authorization and follow the basic guidelines of providing cloud hosting service and this basic guideline is followed by almost all the cloud hosting providers. But you may have to pay for the Intuit authorization in the form of a surcharge. Yes, all the Intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting providers include a surcharge in the cloud hosting price.

For example, if your basic cloud hosting price is $40 then you will have to pay $45 and that is because the $5 surcharge will be included in your hosting price. If you don’t want to pay this extra money then you should always go with unauthorized QB hosting providers because there is no hidden pricing in their cloud hosting package.

You are not bound to stay with the same cloud hosting provider

There is no denial in the fact that you will choose a cloud hosting provider after complete analysis but humans are prone to mistakes and that’s why you even you can make mistakes. But if you are thinking that you will have to stick with the same cloud hosting provider even if it is not able to fulfill your needs and demands then you are completely wrong. You are never bound by any contract when you choose QuickBooks hosting providers. You can easily shift from one cloud vendor to another without any hassle.

This is one of the main reasons why cloud hosting for any business solution is considered flexible. You don’t need to waste your resources and time while working with a wrong cloud hosting provider and you are free to make a shift any point of the cloud hosting service.

Data center quality plays an important role in cloud service

If you are choosing a cloud hosting provider for your QB accounting software and if that cloud hosting provider is hesitating in providing your any details about the data center then you can be sure that there is something wrong with the cloud hosting provider. If a cloud hosting provider will be using a certified, secure and advanced data center then they will always be ready to show you its details and you should know that there are many things in the cloud hosting solution that depends on the quality of the cloud hosting provider

This is one of the main reasons why good companies always make a detailed research about the cloud hosting provider’s data center and only then they make their final decision. Choosing a cloud hosting provider without its data center information is a complete blunder.


QuickBooks hosting is one of the most popular accounting software solutions out there but there are many things that no one would have told you about this advanced accounting software and this is what we are going to talk about in this blog post. 

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