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Top 10 Productivity Tool To Make Life Easy

Top 10 Productivity Tool To Make Life Easy

Productivity is the end result of intelligent planning, hard work, and usage of smart tools that can effectively enhance performance. In this competitive era, we need various productivity tools to grow our business and work performance.

Many such tools are available in the market but we carefully tried and tested a few best of them to make your life easier. Here we share a curated list of best productivity tools that will help you ease out your work.

Top 10 Best Productivity Tools 


This software makes sure that everyone stays on the same page while working on the project. If any important file is lost, the entire team suffers. This software saves your time and effort with various smart tools.

  • The software’s timeline provides the immediate picture of how the workflow and the current plan is processing. 
  • The collaboration makes sure no details get lost during the entire project.
  • Easy to use interface makes it user friendly.

FlashScan – Best Document Scanner App

Document scanning is a tedious task but we have to do it to digitize our documents. FlashScan is another productivity tool that is counted as one of the best document scanner apps for its brilliant features.

  • It is a scanning expert that scans every kind of document.
  • Brilliant edge detection makes sure that scans are clear and accurate.
  • It is the fastest QR and Barcode scanner app. Users can easily share scanning results and can apply re-scan for better scans.
  • Professional filters enrich the scan with different effects.
  • The inbuilt OCR is a text extract master. Users can even translate scanned results from English to other languages.

Want to boost your productivity? Download the FlashScan app and turn your device into a handy scanner.


Adding a calendar in our list of productivity tools may sound a little awkward as it is a very simple tool and every device comes with an in-built calendar these days. But using it with proper planning can change the game.

  • Enables you to automatically request and schedule a meeting with your team.
  • Purchase analytics tools show how you spend your time in events and meetings.
  • Integrates various other digital calendars such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Project Management, etc.

Chanty: The best Growth Booster Tool

Constant communication is a must to boost your team effort and to achieve the highest targets.

  • Chanty is a communication platform that offers built-in task management.
  • Get free unlimited message history.
  • Offers audio/video calls and voice messages.
  • Avail integration and easy file sharing.

Google Docs: The Best Performance Assistance Tool

Google docs enable you to plan, write, access, edit, and collaborate wherever you go – with your phone, tablet, or computer.

Top features:

  • Smart editing and styling tools.
  • A complete document storage platform.
  • Smart editing tools with stylish features.
  • Pre-made templates for a variety of occasions such as presentation, reporting, school project, etc.
  • Generate a document by the browser or mobile app.

Skype- Top-class Communication Tool

We all know Skype. It recently added a fresh design and a ton of new features to help you stay connected.

  • Take your conversation to a new level with rich video features.
  • The best communication tool to resolve all your issues with your team.
  • Share messages, photos, emoticons and stickers in real-time.
  • Call mobile and landline numbers at affordable rates.

Harvest-Best Time tracking And Growth Generating Software

Boost your business with Harvest. It allows effective time tracking whether it’s from the web, application, or smartphone.

  • An intuitive interface that is simple to use.
  • Powerful reporting enables you to get insights into your projects.
  • Users can create and share multiple invoices online.

Evernote: Expert Office Productivity Tool

It acts as an expert assistant or your second brain that makes you remember everything.

  • A trustworthy note-making app. 
  • Capture, organize and share your notes easily.
  • Add links, audio recordings, etc to your notes.
  • Scan and search for business cards.

ProofHub: Excellent Task Management Tool

The best document scanner app saves your device from digital mess similarly, ProofHub saves you from being disorganized. It is one of the best project management tools.

  • Get real control over time collaboration
  • Allocate tasks to specific people with the best productivity tool.
  • Upload files and documents to organize the workflow.

 Fleep- Flexible Office Productivity Tool

A handy messenger that combines with email and lets you share and save files quickly. 

  • It offers flexible communication amidst the endless emails and messages.
  • Everything stored in one place and easy to trace it back anytime.
  • Easy to use platform with a straightforward interface.

Simplify your regular tasks easily and make them hassle-free with smart assistance. Boost your performance with these best productivity tools.

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