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Step Into The New Decade With These Popular Tech Trends!

Step Into The New Decade With These Popular Tech Trends!

“The year 2019 is now on the verge of extinction. Throughout the year, different tech advancements left the world under the unchanging spell of technology. Since we are stepping into the new decade, it is important to explore the trends which will stun the world in 2020.” 

The wave of tech innovations that we have been hit by, has left a huge impact on the world. So much so that all the different sectors are now trying to inculcate one tech or the another into their processes.    

Cryptocurrencies, personal assistants, AI Keyboards and whatnot, you name it, and the world is on it. These advancements are accelerating the use of voice search, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR or VR. This year has been full of extraordinary advancements. And for the future expect whopping growth in the revenue funnel. Especially for businesses working with most of the trending technologies.     

Since the year is about to end, let us see what the future has in store for 2020 after proper analysis of technologies. The following are the predictions related to the popular tech trends in 2020. 

1. Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

Any list that consists of future tech trends cannot do without cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Some of you might think that Bitcoin is nothing more than a big hoax. But in reality, Bitcoin is actually dominating the complete current crypto market. Several cryptocurrencies have evolved and lost their charm, but Bitcoin is refusing to let go of its dominance. 

Bitcoin, because of its rising popularity, is now becoming the new digital gold. 

This cryptocurrency is based on is the blockchain technology. Be prepared to witness its outburst in the field of fashion, e-commerce, real estate, supply chain, healthcare, asset management, and much more. 

2. The Power Of Prescriptive Analytics

After the introduction of data analytics, its popularity is shooting for the stars. And the world is unable to control the curiosity level. Especially, when we are talking about prescriptive analytics. Prior to all the developments, analytics tools were based on predictive & descriptive analysis. This means that it would allow a better arrangement of historical data and a detailed understanding of the changes that have occurred.

The data can be accessed on a broader stage for different predictions about future events or behavior. With the help of the tools, the use of prescriptive data can be analyzed. 

 3. Artificial Intelligence As A Service

Are you aware of the SaaS business model? If yes, then you’ll be excited to know that the combination of AI and SaaS business model is working towards bridging the gap between Artificial Intelligence and the masses. And if you think that it will empty your pockets, then you are sadly mistaken. It does not make a huge impact on the final cost. This flourishing technology is spreading its roots into a lot of verticals. 

Tech-giants like Amazon, Microsoft, or Google are delivering some of the finest ML solutions. In addition to this, they also deliver a lot of training materials. Witnessing the whooping development, we can easily increase our expectations.     

4. Progressive Web Apps

The massive popularity is the reason behind the adoption of mobile app development by huge tech-giants. And that is not the only reason, two other reasons behind this fact include larger user reach and enhanced revenue funnel. The world has been relishing the benefits of mobile app development, for more than a decade now. Therefore, there is not even a single industry or organization left to inculcate the benefits of a smart app in their business. 

But the popularity led to an issue that needed to be addressed properly. Yes, we are talking about the overflowing of apps. 

This is when Progressive web apps jumped to the rescue. PWA can come in handy for providing a solution for several such problems. Soon we will witness businesses investing their resources in PWA development. To make the application accessible from the cloud guarantees the most cost-effective & useful way.            

“Now let us talk about the last technology, that we think will woo everyone’s heart. Keep reading further, to know more.”

5. 5G Network

The lightning-fast internet of the 5G network led the world to have higher expectations from this tech, in the coming future. The emerging trend is creating a buzz, despite the emerging concerns which highlight its effects on our bodies. 
These are five tech trends that we think will taste a new level of popularity in the year 2020. Since the world has always welcomed new tech advancements with open arms, it will be interesting to see the reaction when they finally get rolling.

Author Bio:

Harjot Kaur is a Business Head at Techugoa mobile app development company, spending her day with her selling and convincing skills, helping in converting leads, and closing customers. She is technology graduate and when she is not busy in her usual business talks, she explores new technologies, and shares her knowledge through writing.

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