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Popular Flowers For Easter- Best Ideas For Florist

Popular Flowers For Easter- Best Ideas For Florist

During the Easter season, you will find many beautiful flowers blooming for spring. Such are Easter lily, Daffodil, and many more spring bulbs. They simply symbolize new life or rebirth. They also represent newness and redemption. Tulips, daisies, and Hyacinth are unmissable in the flower shops during this holiday, as they mark the day. The best ideas for florists here; get creative with flower designs, and arrangement. Most Christian families associate the holiday with flowers. That’s why we have listed a handful of popular Easter flowers below with their meaning: 

Easter lily

Getting a bouquet of lilies during Easter can be such a delight. All hues of lily flowers are gorgeous, as they come in pink, yellow, red, lavender, or white. The flowers represent love, purity, and hope. In essence, you will be safe when you send a loved one Easter lily flowers as you slip them in the adult Easter basket during this festivity. 

Although lily does not necessarily blossom during Easter, people call it an Easter flower. Why is this, you may wonder? 

Well, the lily flower has a religious symbolism said to represent Jesus Christ’s tomb. Some Christian still have a myth that this plant started growing where the blood of Jesus fell during his crucifixion. Now the flower that blossoms from it is a presentation of his resurrection.

When you go to church during Easter, you are likely to find the Easter lilies placed at the altar. The Christians also adorn the cross of Christ to honor him. 


World of flowering plants

Spoil your loved ones this Easter with varieties of daisies. Most people love Shasta and Gerbera. Just like lilies, this beautiful flower has a similar religious myth and evolved as Christ’s symbolism. According to a legend, daisies sprung during Christ’s crucifixion as Mary wept. The charming daisy gives lots of ideas for a florist to craft designs that are enticing displaying creativity, as the flowers represent purity, peace, and harmony.


The mention of flowers without a rose sounds void. This popular flower goes well everywhere, on every occasion. Every hue has a symbolism. In Easter, a white rose is more common because it represents purity and innocence. Religiously, the connotation about the five petals of the white rose represents Christ’s five wounds that he got during Good Friday when he was about to be crucified.


Garden designs

Each of these flower stems gives several blossoms of Hyacinth. The white one is a beautiful flower, perfect for the Easter holiday. The famous purple is ideal for a person you have wronged, and you send to seek for forgiveness. Pink and yellow represent love, while red and pink show playfulness.

Hyacinth bulb can be more delightful when you toss it in an adult Easter basket that you intend to give your love as it has a lovely fragrance. The yellow ones should never be an option, as they symbolize jealousy. Ultimately, you can plant all the other hues in your backyard to give you a sensational vibe as they blossom in spring. 

Easter cactus

This epiphytic cactus is conspicuous during the Easter season, with flashy hues of pink, orange, lavender, and white. Rather than the spiny leaves, this cactus has some rounded leaves. The delightful flowers have a more extended life, unlike other plants. Blooming throughout Easter and extending up to 14 days, still looking fresh.


The home depot

Tulips are vibrant spring flowers, also known as a harbinger. Listen to this; some say the flower comes from the dead. Ahh, that’s a bit spooky! Away from death, I believe tulips make a fantastic centerpiece on a dining table, especially during the Easter dinner.

When you receive a bouquet of red tulips from your dear ones, it shows how much they love you. If someone that cares for you wrongs you, a bouquet of white tulips is what they may probably send you to say they are sorry. While a mixed bouquet might come from a person trying to woo a partner complementing her beautiful eyes.


Daffodil is a brilliant flower with a trumpet shape but looks interesting. When you send your sweetheart this bright bouquet, it will indeed be a delight, as they feel the love that the flower symbolizes. Give someone you love a live-potted daffodil that represents joy and happiness, as you wish them a Happy Easter.


They are also perfect for the Easter holiday. Azaleas grow in clusters, and their conspicuous hues of red, white, and pink are adorable. As they blossom in spring, sometimes it goes until summer. The passionate flower represents love, moderation, and temperance.


It is a renowned flower world-wide. The name of this flower in Greek means “rainbow” as it contains a variety of colors that make it look like a rainbow. The feature of irises is sword-like petals that fall in a different direction. Religiously, the upright leaves represent three Christian virtues: faith, wisdom, and courage. The display of irises looks pretty when arranged well in an elegant vase. 

Baby’s breath


Just like a baby, this flower represents innocence and purity. That’s why religiously, they are the perfect bouquet to symbolize Christ’s purity. The popular one in Easter is white, similar to other types of Easter flowers. Even when arranged accordingly in the house, whether in a wreath or bouquet, it is simply gorgeous. However, the pink is quite rare.


At the beginning of spring, you will find pastel purple and goldish flowers blooming. There are several of them, such as Crocus Chrysanthus, which has a sweet scent, and Cocus Tommasinianus said to be resistant to garden grazing. It has pink, lavender, lilac white and rose-purple hues. 


A white chrysanthemum represents truthfulness, while the yellow one shows sighted love. So, as you would imagine, white is the most popular during this Easter holiday. When you give someone precious to you these flowers, as you wish them happiness.


Hydrangea comes with a wide variety, which most have showy lacy beautiful leaves. The oakleaf types bloom early spring till midsummer. These freshly cut flowers make a sentimental centerpiece during the Easter holiday. When someone receives this as an Easter bouquet, it shows gratitude and understanding.

Mums blooms

The fresh-cut flowers of Mums blooms will give every family member a happy Easter. After the flower blooms in spring, it is likely to grow again during the fall season. So long as it’s cut back 8 inches from the ground. They are available in hues of pink, white and yellow. 


A particular type of this flower known as gardenia bush opens up after a few weeks in late springs and beginning of summer. They have thick petals and come in different sizes and shapes. When someone gives the gardenia plant during the Easter holiday, they give hope and anticipate fragrant blooms in the future. Gardenia, in general, symbolizes peace, love, and purity.


These flowers are common during the Easter period, symbolizing beauty and strength. They have a large family of flowering plants across the world, which are over 28, 000 species. Orchids bloom in various hues, including white and green. They’re also the duo type that thrives in either pink/lavender or green/yellow. Nevertheless, blue orchids are known to be rare. Decorate your house with these exotic flowers, and you will have a happy Easter.


There are many species of ranunculus that include cherry, popular for Easter. During the spring season, Ranunculus Ficaria blooms in yellow. While Ranunculus Asiaticus gives a variety of pink, red, and cream, they all symbolize beauty and charm.

 In conclusion, you might probably feel overwhelmed with the great Easter flower options we have given you. However, when you go to buy them, get the best ideas from florists. Learn how to mix them and arrange accordingly during this fantastic season. Do have yourself a delightful Easter holiday. 

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