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Some Details About Popular Blockchain Certifications

Some Details About Popular Blockchain Certifications

Blockchain is the latest trend for all the tech enthusiasts related to financial institutions, and nowadays, many of the institutes are looking forward to providing popular blockchain certifications. Although, the technology focuses on digital currencies such as Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum etc. which are gaining a lot of popularity blockchain can also provide support to many of the core industries like supply chain, retail, healthcare, automotive, voting etc. As these industries are heavily relying on technology, blockchain is beneficial as it is cryptographically secure, fast is processing, decentralized and brings automation. Also, any business transaction is generally expensive and time-consuming as it requires third-party intermediaries such as lawyers, brokers and banks. Blockchain technology can help to remove these intermediaries saving time and money as a result. Since industries will be going to benefit from this latest technology, many of the training industries are looking forward to providing the best certifications in the blockchain.

So What Exactly Is Blockchain?

Blockchain, in its simple terms, is an open-source publicly distributed ledger of records in blocks of data that are interconnected and distributed is various computers. The ledger itself has recorded in peer to peer network. Miners are the people who are using these computers for crunching the transactions. In this blog, we will discuss some of the popular certifications in blockchain in short.

List Of Popular Blockchain Certifications

1 Blockchain Training Alliance

It is a popular blockchain certification. This certification, along with PC based testing pioneer provides blockchain confirmation that will provide programmers and designers with fundamental blockchain abilities.

2 IIEC Blockchain Certification

Some of the blockchain educational websites provide Blockchain Online Courses for Beginners. IIEC Blockchain certification was the first certification in the market. It is an online certificate exam in order to become a certified blockchain professional.

3 TransformationWorx

It is a CIO Association of Canada that offers their certification as a CIO Certified Blockchain Professionals or CCiP. This certification is based on workshops covering emerging topics on transformation in digital business

4 Crypto Currency Certification Consortium

It intends to give substantial blockchain confirmations to experts that exhibit their information about blockchain and cryptographic form of money (cryptocurrencies).


People involved in compliance business and legal aspects for business can benefit from Associations of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists(ACAMS). The certification mainly focuses on regulatory evolutions, cryptocurrency foundation, identify threats on financial institutions and getting through real-world applications.

6 Blockchain Council

It provides a variety of courses and accreditation projects covering diverse part of the industry with the most famous credential Certified Blockchain Expert Training. It trains experts with significant comprehension of blockchain innovation. The accreditation consists of thorough preparation and exam-based program providing innovative information about blockchain.


Although blockchain is still new, it is full of potential. Tech companies are looking to offer “Blockchain-as-a-Service” from which they can earn a high return on investment if they started their journey early. According to the World Economic Forum Report, blockchain technology will be able to restore more than 8% GDP by 2027. In the near future, we will most likely see lots of strategic partnerships supporting blockchain in real-world production. Thus, the training institutes are providing the above popular blockchain certifications as the world will benefit a lot from this technology.

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