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Everything considered, FOR STARTERS, WHAT IS AN ESCAPE ROOM?

Escape rooms are decently new, so when we start taking a gander at verifying people’s rooms for no specific explanation, we now and again get a few confounded looks. Along these lines, we ought to get you up to speed. An escape room is a room with a savvy point (like a bank heist, a bad behavior scene, or a Revolutionary War battle). Inside the room, there are different snippets of data, conundrums, and secret compartments, all of which work in a gathering, each one provoking the accompanying. You and your mates, family or partners have one hour to settle most of the signs to escape the room. Sounds fun, isn’t that so?

You don’t have anything TO FEAR.

There is a HUGE misguided judgment that escapes rooms that are frightening. That is simply wrong. Some are, anyway they will uncover to you that in the room portrayal on the web. Something different, whatever Brain Games Dubai you pick won’t alert. “Regardless, I hear you get rushed inside a room… that sounds kind of startling to me!” We appreciate this is a genuine fear for specific people, anyway there’s no convincing motivation to solidify this. There are leave gets that will normally enable you to out, so you’re rarely genuinely verified. Additionally, the rooms themselves are run of the mill evaluated rooms. There’s nothing claustrophobic about them. With everything considered, there’s nothing to fear!

Besides, a couple of individuals are focused on that they’ll get mortified in light of the way that they can’t clarify certain snippets of data. These rooms are planned for everyone, and that consolidates you. Likewise, don’t pressure! In case you slow down out, our game specialists are here to help and are happy to give up you to 3 snippets of data to make you move yet again. So what else is there to fear? Not getting your money’s worth? Not an issue. When looking over past customers, every single customer has responded with a resounding “YES!” to whether they’d like to return and play another room.


Any extraordinary escape room is going to test your imaginativeness and perseverance. You’ll have to ponder the carton. You’ll have to coordinate all. Likewise, you’ll have to do everything while simultaneously dashing with time as the rival. Trust us, your adrenaline will direct before the completion of the game!


Our business is here to draw in you. Not simply that, we are in the matter of making a novel and drawing in an experience that you will consistently recollect! While your fundamental objective is to light up the clues to escape in time, our focal objective is to guarantee that you are having a surprising time with your sidekicks, family, or associates that empowers you to laugh, security, and comprehend confuses together. We need you to have a ton of fun, excitedly illuminate your associates concerning it, and come back to play afresh!


We hear this sometimes when people are taking a gander at playing an escape room since: “Well, I’m not sagacious enough to comprehend such stuff.” Let’s approval and put this dream to rest: You, paying little respect to your personality, are sharp enough to do well in an escape room. Like we said already, we are in the preoccupation business and organized our rooms in perspective on YOU. Escape rooms are expected to be a decent time for all people, paying little regard to age or IQ.

At Exodus, our rooms are organized so they’ll be had a great time by anyone ages 13 and increasingly prepared. Moreover, we would not kid about this. We’ve had players that were as energetic as 13, and we’ve had entire social occasions where the youngest part was in their 50’s. For every circumstance, everyone had an uncommon time. (Fun Fact: The “most settled” assembling and the “most energetic” pack we’ve any time had both escaped the room. So that ought to uncover to you something).


In case each room would anything say anything was nevertheless hard to such a degree, that you escaped unavoidably, that wouldn’t be so fun, would it? Some part of the enthusiasm for finishing an escape room is that you’re not guaranteed to make it out in time. This makes your adrenaline stream more, your heart race to some degree faster, and your creative basic reasoning to some degree progressively sharp.

A part of our rooms are proposed to be more perseveringly than others, and that is the explanation we list the issue on point of arrival of the site. Likewise, in case you don’t make it out, don’t pressure. Regardless you’re following some extraordinary individuals’ model. A significant part of our customers have come SO CLOSE yet haven’t actually made it out in time. In any case, their reactions have reliably been sure, with various social events saying, “Better trust it… we didn’t make it out, any way that was still so much fun! We’ll obviously be back!” And don’t pressure… in any case, we’ll let you out paying little heed to whether you don’t disentangle all of the puzzles. You won’t be verified for endlessness.

Since you find fairly progressively about what’s coming up, why not endeavor an escape room Dubai for yourself? It’s definitely not hard to book a spot at Hungarian Games on the web.

On the occasion that you’ve authoritatively held a spot, astonishing! We’re so anxious to make an extraordinary experience for you and your social affair and envision seeing you soon!

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