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Planning a Bachelor Party doing Helicopter Hog Hunting

Planning a Bachelor Party doing Helicopter Hog Hunting

Are you thinking of planning an epic bachelor party for one of your friends?  Are you the best man and want to impress the groom with the party of a lifetime?  If you are looking for an Adrenalin filled adventure, then Helicopter Hog Hunting is something that you might want to seriously consider!  We are sure you and your buddies will have the experience of a lifetime to the end of your friend’s bachelorhood!

Hunting lovers from all over the world come to Texas to enjoy the sport of Helicopter Hog Hunting!  Gage Outdoor Expedition’s lodge has over 28 years of experience and 2.5 million acres of private land to hunt.  This is a perfect bucket list hunt for any hunter! We are the only FULL time Helicopter Hunting business in the U.S.

With the number of feral hogs throughout Texas growing at an alarming rate, helicopter hunting helps landowners, farmers and ranchers control the damage done by these invasive and destructive creatures.  These wild pigs have been ruled a threat to the environment and we invite you to take part in preserving the great state of Texas!

So, do something fun and exciting and celebrate your buddy’s last days of bachelorhood with a unique helicopter hunting trip to Texas!  If you book your trip with Gage Outdoor Expeditions, you will have an exciting time with plenty of opportunities to keep the energy going and an exhilarating party! What happens in Texas Stay in Texas!

Here are the top reasons why you should a bachelor party with Gage Outdoor Expeditions Helicopter Hog Hunter:

  • Completely Unique Experience:  When you book with us, you tend to stand out from the rest.  We will take your group on an unforgettable journey where they can hunt hogs from helicopters using the AR-15 rifle under the guidance of trained experts.  We have a team of trained pilots that are highly skilled at their job.
  • Lodging and partying at the same place:  One of the prime benefits of organizing a helicopter hog hunt bachelor party with Gage Outdoor Expeditions is that we provide you with the best 5-Star treatment!  Our facilities and food are excellent and we are able to accommodate small and large groups. What happens at the lodge stays at the lodge when you are in Texas.
  • Indulge in various other activities:  Our packages also can include a host of other activities like adding on an ala carte species for an additional hunt of Axis deer, Blackbuck or practicing at our trap, skeet, sporting clay or 5-stand facility.
  • It’s Cost Efficient:  When you plan to go hunting for a bachelor party, you’ll have a wonderful time and most importantly, it will keep your costs to the minimum.  This alone is the best reason to do the Helicopter Hog Hunt or Texas exotics.
  • Time to bond with your buddies:  The main purpose of any bachelor party is to spend quality time with the groom & friends before getting married.  A hunting trip will do exactly that! From indulging in helicopter hunting to hanging in the lodge, you’ll get plenty of time to spend with the groom before the big day.

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